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Ecos Acoustic Panels

Effective sound insulation

An acoustic panel is a sound-absorbing panel used to mitigate background noise and reduce the reverberation and echo in a space. They are are a key part of any studio. Room noise makes some frequencies way too loud and others too quiet. That’s where acoustic panels come in. Acoustic panels absorb problem frequencies and unwanted reverb. So do you want to focus on making music instead of fixing rough recordings? Then you may want to get some acoustic panels for your room!

Acoustical foam is an open celled foam, often in the shape of cones or triangles. Like any acoustical treatment, the goal is to improve the sound quality in a room by removing residual sound. However, acoustical foam is really only effective at absorbing high-end frequencies, meaning if you have trouble with mid-frequencies or bass, then foam most likely will not greatly improve your sound situation.​ It is very important to control the bass in the room. In many cases this is more necessary than absorption of high frequencies. On the other hand, acoustic panels help control sound wave reflections across all frequencies, creating a balanced sounding room that is ideal for recording and mixing audio. This concept goes for any space requiring less reverberation or unwanted noise. With sound absorbing panels you can enjoy a pleasant transparent sound not only in a professional studio, but also at home, thanks to the original design and excellent sound absorbing properties. Often, acoustic panels are combining a high-performance acoustic foam with a carefully calibrated scatter plate, which provides a level of diffusion, so the room sounds alive, but controlled.

Professional acoustic panels are divided into two groups: broadband absorbers and hybrid acoustic panels. Sound absorbing panels are designed to eliminate echo and excessive reverb within the room. The damping material provides excellent sound absorption properties in the entire frequency range. These acoustic panels are commonly used to treat recording studios, but also can be used in any space to eliminate sound reflections and provide acoustic comfort. Hybrid acoustic panels are used to treat unwanted sound reflections by using a combination of absorption and diffusion. Thanks to their unique design the hybrid acoustic panels provide effective low frequency absorption and additional diffusion of mid and high frequencies. This hybrid design gives well balanced sound and protects the room from overdamping.

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