Parallon Acoustic Panels

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Parallon Acoustic Panels

Fast and affordable soundproofing solution

There is nothing worse than having extra echo or a large reverb in your room when you are trying to talk on the phone, record your voice, or record music. This generates excessive noise thus making it difficult to hear anything. So how can you solve this problem? A quick, affordable, and simple solution to reduce echo and dampen noise is to install foam panels. They are usually rectangular or square in shape. They are made of a soundproof material to help reduce unwanted noise such as reverb and echo within a certain space. The chemical makeup of this material increases air resistance making it difficult for sound to travel quickly. Acoustical foam is an open celled foam, often in the shape of cones or triangles. However, acoustical foam is really only effective at absorbing high-end frequencies, meaning if you have trouble with mid-frequencies or bass, then foam most likely will not greatly improve your sound situation. It is very important to control the bass in the room. In many cases this is more necessary than absorption of high frequencies.

What do you need to know before buying acoustic foam?

The more panels you have the less echo and reverb you will experience. To maximize their effectiveness, you need to know where to place them in the room. The most common locations for soundproofing panels are doors, ceilings and walls. You may have to experiment to determine the best place for each panel. Before you buy, you need to figure out which panels are right for you by comparing some characteristics:

  • Pattern on the surface
  • Material thickness and density
  • Panel size & quantity
  • NRC rating

The surface pattern of a typical acoustic foam panel consists of pyramid shapes. Some patterns affect sound differently than others but overall its very minimal. Therefore, it is not necessary to buy one particular type of surface pattern – flat surfaces work as well. Density and thickness of a material do have a big impact on blocking or reducing sound. Generally, acoustic panels are designed with a thickness of 2” – 4”.  If you find panels that are thicker than this average standard, get them! The number of panels and their size will impact the noise level of the room differently. For example, if you buy a soundproofing panel package that has 6 panels measuring 3 square feet, that will have a different impact compared to a package that comes with 12 panels measuring 4 square feet. Obviously, the larger surface area you cover, the greater reduction in noise you will experience. Small soundproof foam panels are easier to install, especially in tight areas. NRC stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient.  This is a measurement of how well something absorbs sound.  It’s scale ranges from 0 to 1 with 1 being the best soundproof rating.

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