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Sound reflective panels

Sound diffusion and sound absorption coupled together to create the perfect sound perception in a recording studio. Diffusion is the method of scattering the sound energy for getting better sound in space. Acoustic diffusers, thanks to their irregular surface of different depths, scatter the reflected sound waves, which improves quality, clarity and tonality of sound. It is very pleasant to work in a room with correct diffusion. Not only does it make the room feel more comfortable, it adds a sense of air and space that makes mixing and playback a joy.

Diffusers are normally made of plastic, wood or polystyrene. Diffusion works best for controlling mid and high frequencies. It can also help improve the overall sweet spot image which should ultimately help you create better mixes. The depth of the diffuser panel affects its functionality – the thinner the panel, the cheaper and less efficient it is. Diffusers are constituted of units with different depth. The surface of diffusers is well designed, they reflect different frequencies in different directions. If you place the diffusers in the right place, you can achieve a pleasant and natural sound when using them. It should be noted that, even if diffusers are mainly aimed at redistributing sound energy, there are hybrid models which also have an absorption effect.

Types of diffusers

There are 3 main types of diffusers:

  • Quadratic diffusers
  • Schroeder diffusers
  • Poly-cylinder diffusers

Quadratic diffusers have a varied relief, composed of cubes of different heights. Their objective is to disperse the sound in an almost chaotic way. Thus, the sounds are propagated in a more harmonious way and do not reach the ear all at the same time. The greater the differences in height of the cubes, the more the diffuser will operate at the bottom of the frequency spectrum.

A Schroeder diffuser is a structure comprising a number of holes of different, carefully chosen depths When a sound wave hits an uneven surface, instead of bouncing off it, it bounces off each hole at a slightly different time. Due to the depth based on certain sequences of numbers based on number theory, the holes evenly disperse a wide range of frequencies.

A poly-cylinder diffuser allows it to propagate the sound wave in different directions. Its effectiveness is due to its rounded angle of diffusion. Indeed, this rounding allows breaking the sound in several directions. Unlike the other two types of panels that return sound in the same axis, the poly-cylinder returns sound in a multitude of directions.

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