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The CDX-2250 Dual CD player acts as a convenient, versatile rackmount solution. Occupying just two units of rackspace, the CDX-2250 offers playback capabilities..

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Description: Support Disc Audio CD-R / RW, MP3 and WAV Slot loading mechanism drives Drive with reliable brushless motor Quick start up to 20 tracks Features: ..

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Description: File Format: WAV, MP3, MP2, WMA, AAC. Format Media: SD / SDHC memory cards, USB flash drives or CD-R CD-ROM, CD-RW. Supports CD TEXT and ID3 / WMA..
Rackmountable CD Player Stanton C402 The Stanton C402 professional CD player with MP3 is ideal for use in restaurants, bars, gyms, theme parks, radio stations, ..

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Description: Support for many formats of DVD and CD media: DVD Video DVD Audio VCD (Video CD) SVCD (Super Video CD) CD-DA (Digital Audio CD) Support for man..
Description: Media and File Formats Supported media (types): CD-R (audio CDs CD-DA, CD data ISO9660 Level1 / Joliet / Romeo), CD, CF card (Type I, 512 MB - 64 ..
Professional player, stereo, drive with quick start-ups, USB-output which can be connected directly to the PC. The player has the ability to forward and reverse..
Vox AC30 Radio The advent of television, and later the internet, has flooded the world with a variety of media. Of all these various forms of media, radio, with..
Audio-Technica AT-LP1240USB This superbly made, professional quality DJ turntable is designed primarily for DJ use in nightclubs, touring and mobile application..
Audio-Technica AT-LP120USBHC This professional stereo turntable features a high-torque direct-drive motor for quick start-ups and a USB output that connects dir..

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Description: Audio Recorder on the memory card Recording to a memory card SD, CF or external USB drives Increased reliability by eliminating moving parts in th..
Description: Number of Channels 2 Supported formats CD deck: Audio CD (CD-DA), MPEG Audio Layer III (MP3), WAV, file system ISO 9660 Level 1, 2, Romeo, Joliet..
Description: CD-player Double A converter 1-bit word length Single (single) Play, Program Play, Shuffle Play 3 variant repeat function (single / auto / AB) Con..
Description: Media and File Formats Supported media (types): CD-R (audio CDs CD-DA, CD data ISO9660 Level1 / Joliet / Romeo), CD, CF card (Type I, 512 MB - 64 ..
Description: Supports CD-DA / CD-R. Parallel control (D-sub 37-pin). RS-232C Control (D-sub 15-pin). ONLINE / MONITOR choice. Supports 44.1 / 48kHz, 16 / 24bit..
Description: High reliability of the CD drive CD-5010B proven only with high-quality and reliable hand; Audio CD-R / RW, MP3 (192 KB), and WAV; Flash Start sim..
Description: Drive with reliable brushless motor Disc Support: Audio CD-R / RW, MP3 (192KBit / s) and WAV Quick start: up to 20 tracks Features: Call (return ..
Description: • Power consumption: 16 W• Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz• Input / Output: RCA unbalanced SPDIF (coaxial) XLR balanced and AES / EBU with LA-450• Tota..
Description: Standards support: MP3, CD-Text, CD-R, CD-RW, CD THD: 0.01% (1 kHz) S / N ratio: 90 dB Dynamic range: 90 dB Channel separation: 90 dB Bandwidth: 2..
Features: Plays MP3 CD, CD and WAV The size of the rack - 2U Analog RCA-out, balanced XLR-outputs, optical and coaxial digital outputs Headphone jack with volu..
Audio-Technica AT95EBL The AT90 Series represents years of research and development aimed at producing high performance cartridges at a reasonable price. Featur..
Stanton C502 Dual Rackmount CD Player The Stanton C502 is an affordable dual CD player with full MP3 capabilities. From seamless looping to anti-shock buffer me..
Yamaha T-S500 User-friendly tuner provides convenient tuning functions and a high visibility, two-line display — with Yamaha's new HiFi component design that ma..
Yamaha T-S500 User-friendly tuner provides convenient tuning functions and a high visibility, two-line display — with Yamaha's new HiFi component design that ma..
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A professional media player is a crucial piece of equipment in conference halls, classrooms, pubs and restaurants. These devices are designed to play multiple types of audio sources including CD, USB, and SD cards, so a teacher or presenter can simply connect their own storage device. Another advantage of this type of media player is that it's easy to mount in a 19-inch rack. Some players also offer other options like radio, an iPod dock, a cassette deck, Bluetooth connectivity, a mini-jack input, and network functionality.

Besides this, many of these professional media players include DJ-functions like pitch-control, a double CD player and jog-wheel for mixing. Most double CD players come in two parts: a loading unit for the CDs and a separate control unit. A DJ CD player is a specialized digital music player for DJing which often features large jog wheels to provide tactile control over the playback of audio. While most manufacturers originally designed their kit to play music from compact discs, many of today's DJ CD players play digital music files stored on USB flash drives or SD cards. A typical set up will see at least two DJ CD players connected to a DJ mixer. These music players don't need a computer to function, so they are perfect for DJs.

Although DJ technology has evolved far into digital realms, its origins of turntables and vinyl records are still very relevant today for DJs who favor a more traditional and analog approach. DJ turntables are the perfect way to perform with vinyl at your next concert or event. Easy to set-up and features high torque motors for steady platter speed, and fast start and stop times. There are two main types – with belt drive and direct drive. Direct drive turntables are often more expensive and preferential for demanding and professional uses, whereas belt-drive turntables may be a more cost effective way to get started as a DJ. A turntable alone is incapable of outputting sound without a supplementary device to receive the signal data. For traditional operation, it is necessary for a needle (housed in a cartridge) to be placed onto the surface of a rotating record, in order to play it. A second option known as DVS (digital vinyl system) also makes use of a cartridge but adds an audio interface and DJ software into the signal chain to convert analog information to digital data. So rather than playing regular analog records containing music, time code vinyls are used which contain a continuous tone that the software understands and responds to by playing music from a digital source. A third option known as PHASE, eradicates the need for a cartridge and tonearm entirely by using a wireless transmission device to play back music from DJ software. The wireless remotes capture the turntable's rotation information and send this to a receiver which will then processes this into a signal.

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