Telephone Hybrids

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Axel Technology Macrotel 9 Macrotel 9 is a professional single-line analog telephone hybrid with additional connection features, especially designed to satisfy ..
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Axel Technology Macrotel 5 Macrotel 5 is a professional single-line analog telephone hybrid, especially designed to satisfy all TV and radio station requirement..
Axel Technology Boxtel BoxTel is a very small analog telephone hybrid, which can be easily connected to the most popular of mixing consoles in the market. BoxTe..
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Telephone Hybrids

Telephone hybrids

Today, thanks to the hybrid telephone system, all different telephone systems and other communication channels can be used on a single platform. The hybrid phone system provides easy access to all intercom systems, whether PBX, PABX, IP or VoIP. A hybrid phone system utiltises sophisticated signal management codecs to route any kind of call technology to any other kind. When you have a hybrid system installed, you do not have to worry about one of the phone systems failing as you can easily switch to another. With a telephone hybrids you can easily switch between the existing telephone line and professional audio equipment. They provide protection for your equipment and the public telephone lines, allowing for varying line signals and line conditions. Automatically cancelling out the unwanted signal they also facilitate two-way communication down a single telephone line. Telephone hybrids are available in various versions, from a simple 1 or 2 line version to a very extensive 6, 8 or 16. 

Broadcasters were among the first out of the gate, using hybrid phone systems to interface with studio equipment, which made it possible to solve long-running industry problems with normalizing audio level and quality. Telephone Hybrids convert an incoming call into an Audio signal for the studio environment. The line echoes on analogue telephone interfaces which result from the 2-wire technology are eliminated by line echo cancellers. To achieve the best results for the elimination of the echoes, digital procedures with signal processors are used. For clear communication digital line echo cancellers are also required. Telephone hybrids intended for studio applications are usually rack-mount units that have RJ-style connectors for the telephone line and either balanced analog or AES3 audio inputs/outputs on XLR connectors for the studio equipment connection. There are variations to accommodate either POTS, ISDN, or VoIP telephone lines. In addition to the audio functions, hybrids can include extra capabilities such as auto-answer/disconnect, DTMF and Caller ID detection.

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