Phantom Power Modules

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Phantom Power Modules

Phantom power modules for condenser microphones

Condenser microphones require phantom power, which is a constant voltage transmitted through a cable that also carries the audio signal. Phantom power modules are DC voltage devices that send power through a microphone cable to power a microphone or associated device. They are used most often with condenser microphones, but also with direct boxes and effects pedals. Most modern mixing consoles provide phantom power, as do external audio interfaces, some audio recorders and video cameras. You must use a balanced microphone cable for the phantom power to work. It is important to note that each condenser microphone has its own power requirement, while each device also provides different levels of phantom power.

Miniature condenser microphones, such as lavaliere microphones, pendant microphones or small attachable instrument microphones, are designed to be as small as possible for their intended use. Because of their small size, it is not possible to place all of the electronics inside the microphone, and instead these electronics must be placed outside the microphone. This electronics is in the form of a phantom power module, which is necessary for proper operation of the microphone. These microphones cannot be wired directly to a standard 3-pin XLR and connected into a mixer without the use of a power module, as this could cause severe damage to the microphone’s circuit.

Choosing the right phantom power module

To select a phantom power module, you should read the specifications of the microphone and find the optimal voltage range. Then you look for a phantom power supply that is compatible with your mic's voltage. The most common phantom power units will usually supply voltage within the range of 12 to 48 volts. The XLR inputs and outputs provide a connection to your signal chain. Phantom power supplies are compact and portable, so you can carry them around easily. Some models can even be powered by internal batteries for total on-the-go-convenience, as well as with external AC power supplies for longer sessions. Highly-regulated phantom power supplies will offer you a continuous voltage source, even with a heavily-loaded input.

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