In-ear Monitor Systems

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The Prodipe in-ear monitors (IEM 3) have been ergonomically designed for musicians to ensure a complete seal from any external noise and an exceptional sound re..
We’re a French company and our aim is to positively engage with globalisation. We are proud to have chosen second-to-none manufacturers who currently supp..
Prodipe have launched a new ultra-pro, in-ear wireless system, and it’s affordable for all What’s the secret behind our exceptionally low prices?..
Prodipe is the permanent commitment to make professional products accessible to all. Designed with the help of Ludovic Lanen, the new IEM 5120 does not escape t..
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In-ear Monitor Systems

In-ear monitor systems

If you are a singer or musician, you understand how crazy and loud the sound can be on stage. During a live performance, it’s very important that everyone on stage can clearly hear the music they are playing. You can choose from two monitoring options: stage monitors or in-ear monitor systems. The best way to do this is with ear monitoring systems. The use of headphones is especially recommended for singers, as they make it much easier to monitor your vocals as well as the music. In-ear monitors or IEMs are systems that utilize a transmitter to project sound directly into the ear of the performers. They help drown out unwanted crowd noise and allow you to focus on your sound with clarity. Singers and musicians having a hard time hearing what they’re playing can ultimately lead to miscues during their performances, as well as not being in sync with their fellow performers. In-ear monitors are great at getting the job done, easy to use, and easier to travel with. It may take some time to get used to them, but it's worth it. In-ear monitor systems are affordable and have great options for any price range. In ear monitor systems consist of three components: the transmitter, the receiver, and a pair of earphones. Using noise cancellation, the earphones block out unwanted background sounds and also protect your hearing.

Wireless or wired?

The decision to go wired or wireless will depend on your budget. Using a wireless monitoring system can be a great solution for musicians who move a lot because there will be less clutter and more freedom of movement on stage. If you’re going to be stationary like a drummer or keyboardist, you might not benefit as much from a wireless system than what a singer get out of them.

Hearing conservation

Prolonged exposure to extremely high sound pressure levels can quickly cause hearing to deteriorate. Personal monitors offer a level of hearing protection equal to that of ear plugs, but with the additional benefit of tiny loudspeakers in the plugs. The monitoring level is now in the hands of the performer. The use of an onboard limiter is strongly recommended to prevent high level transients from causing permanent damage.


In-ear monitors are one of the most comfortable options for recording in the studio or playing on a noisy stage. Their slim frame keeps them from pressing into your ears. Silicone and foam are the two most common materials for ear tips. If you want a tight fit to maximize the noise reduction, foam ear tips will be the best choice. They also stay more secure during live performances, because they don’t get slippery with sweat or earwax. However, one thing to remember is that you need to clean foam ear tips regularly. Depending on durability – silicone ear tips are better at withstanding pressure and may last longer.

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