Portable PA Systems

Maximum Acoustics Clubarray.350 Clubarray.350 is a powerful 2-way active speaker system from the new line of concert speakers from Maximum Acoustics. Multimedia..
Maximum Acoustics Clubarray.700 Clubarray.700 is the flagship 2-way active speaker system from Maximum Acoustics' new line of concert speakers. Unmatched sound ..
SR Technology Digit Two 3000 The larger Digit Two system features the same compact dimensions and light weight that characterizes the series as a whole. Modular..
SR Technology Digit One 1500 The Digit One is characterized by its extreme lightness, portability and modularity, as well as being remarkable for its impressive..
HKAudio L.U.C.A.S. ALPHA SYSTEM Within a few short months of its debut in 1998, the original LUCAS system triggered a sea change on the market for compact soun..
JBL Control50PackWH The Control 50 Series subwoofer-satellite loudspeaker system provides high fidelity sound in restaurants, retail stores, music cafes, hea..
HH S3-815 The System 3 delivers a well-balanced sound distribution even to the farthest corners of the venue. The System 3’s Compact Sub/Sat system and dual-pur..
Evolution EvoSound 2.1 (White) The EvoSound — karaoke audio system. The EvoSound 2.1 has two elements: the SE 1200 SB karaoke soundbar and the SE 08 SW subwoofe..
Evolution EvoSound 2.1 (Black) The EvoSound — karaoke audio system. The EvoSound 2.1 has two elements: the SE 1200 SB karaoke soundbar and the SE 08 SW subwoofe..
FBT VERTUS CS 1000 Modular design allowing two systems to be configured as one single solution via optional accessories Bass reflex stackable subwoofer ..
Mackie Studio Bundle Recording / Production Kit: EM-89D dynamic microphone, EM-91C condenser microphone, CR3-X studio monitors, Big Knob Studio monitor controll..
Studiomaster Walkabout The Walkabout S features a total of 300 Watts of clear audio power, 5 channel mixer (3xMic/Line, 1xMic/Stereo and 1xStereo), 16 program D..
Studiomaster Stagesound8 A total of 6 inputs, 2 mic/line and 2 stereo channels, give the flexibility to connect what you require. The mic channels can be routed..
Studiomaster Stagesound10 Includes all the features of the Stagesound 8 but with more input channels and more power. A total of 8 inputs, 4 mic/line and 2 stere..
Maximum Acoustics Voice 400 VOICE 400 is extremely lightweight and powerful (300 Watts) acoustic system, built for easy handling and transportation. Includes 2 ..

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Kinsman K100PA Portable two-way speaker system, 80 Watts. It includes a power mixer and 2 passive speakers. Mixer Power: 80 Watts (RMS), 100 Watts (peak), 4 cha..
K-array KB1 The KB1 is a complete, personal sound system designed for musicians who want an all-in-one, easily portable PA package. Applications for this produc..
Clarity MCS-2 Set of sound equipment consists of: Speaker Systems Clarity MAX15MH-S (2 pcs.), cables Shnir&Drit AC104/6JN Black (2 pcs.), mixer and wireless mic..
Set of sound equipment Set of sound equipment consists of: Speaker Systems Clarity MAX15MH-S (2 pcs.), cables Shnir&Drit AC104/6JN Black (2 pcs.), mixer and wir..

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Samson Expedition XP150E The Expedition XP150 offers a PA solution that combines powerful stereo sound with portability and simplicity. With its clever design, ..
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Portable PA Systems

Sound equipment sets: plug and play

Entertainment events get a complete look thanks to quality sound equipment. The assortment of our store contains sets of sound equipment for all kinds of events. Sound is one of the most important aspects of organizing any event. The quality of the sound depends largely on the configuration of the equipment, which is involved. Disco sets guarantee strong bass. The concert equipment has powerful acoustics. Sets for seminars and presentations guarantee a clear sounding of the speaker's speech. 

Well-known brands produce sound equipment sets for:

  • Large concerts in open spaces
  • Performances at nightclubs
  • Sporting events
  • Private events, parties, anniversaries
  • Corporate business presentations, seminars

When shopping for portable PAs, you'll need to consider the size of the venues where they will be used, as this determines power requirements and the size of your PA speaker system. If you need to fill large, crowded halls, then you should factor around three watts per person. Other important factors are type of power source, weight, and ease of movement. You can find compact models with rechargeable batteries, and casters and handles for easy transport and maneuverability. Meanwhile, models that are IPX4 water resistant are useful at sports games and other events that can be affected by rain or damp ground. While most portable PAs come as complete self-contained units, you can also find add-on modules and accessories to enhance functionality.

Buy sound equipment sets in our stores

We offer ready-made solutions, which include the optimal list of equipment for accompanying certain events. It's much easier to use a ready-made set than to buy all the components yourself. The optimal configuration requires a lot of knowledge in the specialization of one or another model. The main advantage of ready-made solutions in their completeness. You only need to connect all the elements into a single network, and the event will be filled with sound. This simplifies the work of sound engineers, event agencies, discos and concerts.

You can buy sound equipment sets in our stores. It is also possible to place an order in the online shop. Delivery is carried out all over Ukraine. Thanks to the wide assortment, everyone will find a suitable product for themselves. You can always count on professional advice and assistance. We care about the quality of service and do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.