The recipe for perfect scratching technique starts with Native Instruments Butter Rugs. The DJ slipmats were developed with Qbert's Thud Rumble brand to bring y..
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Slipmats for scratching

Slipmats aren’t to be confused with the rubber mats that usually come with your turntables and sit on top of the platters. Rubber mats are designed to protect against vibration while playing, they prevent the needle and the record from jumping. However, they are not designed to function as a slipmat, as any resistance or pressure on them will slow or stop the record. Trying to scratch with just rubber mats can also damage the underside of your record, leaving marks and skips. So if you’re going to be using your turntable for DJing, it’s best to go for a good slipmat.

If you need more precise control over your records, you will need a slipmat. A slipmat is a circular piece of slippery cloth, typically made of polyester or synthetic materials that DJs use to enhance scratching techniques and cue records. Slipmats differ from rubber turntable mats and cork turntable mats. Rubber and cork turntable mats are designed to keep records firmly in sync with the rotating platter, while slipmats are designed to slip on the platter allowing DJs to manipulate the record. Slipmats are also used to decorate the turntable. They are often sold in pairs and are available in a variety of colors and graphics.

A felt slipmat leaves minimal resistance between the record and the turntable, and for mixing and scratching, a medium thickness is generally a good way to go. A little stiffness is needed to allow the slipmat to slide under the plate when pressed. If the slipmat is too thick, you will get more resistance, and that will slow down your record. A slipmats that is too fine can also reduce the speed of the record and not provide adequate absorption of vibrations and noise. A slipmat that's too stiff can really lift the record if it's a little warped, creating bounces during a set. Adding a piece of plastic under the mat is optional but optimal, and helps the record slide just a bit more easily, adding to the slickness no matter the thickness of the pad. Some companies have even started crafting mats with a built-in plastic on the underside. The downside to plastic, however, is that it can create an annoying whooshing, windy sound sometimes. All slipmates do their job in different ways, but choosing the right slipmate depends on the style, genre and how much you will play and perform.

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