Acoustic Mineral Wool

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Acoustic Mineral Wool

Acoustic mineral wool

If you are struggling with noise from a neighbor or want to limit the noise from playing the drums, your task will be to soundproof the room. The main material used for soundproofing is mineral wool, which is an acoustic material specially used during construction to fit in-between the verticle studs of the wall or ceiling. It is ideal for absorbing and damping both airborne and structure-borne noise, as well as reducing vibration and reverberation. Noise propagates through the vibration of air particles, but mineral wool, which is porous and elastic, prevents air movement and consequently reduces the noise level. Mineral wool is extremely lightweight and easy to install anywhere without any additional rigid mountings. 

Mineral wool is made from raw materials which include stone and glass. The raw minerals are melted at high temperatures and spun into a fine texture resembling wool. Used for roofs, ceilings, interior walls, and floors, mineral wool is a dense material compared to other types of insulation. Mineral wool is a heavier and denser insulating material than fiberglass, which gives it better sound insulation properties and more effectively restricts air movement through it. This makes it an excellent choice for soundproofing. Mineral wool offers excellent fire retardant properties and withstands high temperatures.​ If mineral wool gets wet, it will continue to provide effective insulation after it dries again.

Types of mineral wool

Depending on the types of materials used, mineral wool is divided into three types:

  • Glass wool
  • Stone wool
  • Slag wool

Glass wool is made of recycled glass, sand, limestone and soda ash the same materials which are used to make the glass objects like a window, bottles, etc. Stone wool is made of volcanic rock, like dolomite or basalt which is recycled material. In addition to this, there is another mineral wool which called slag wool and this is made of blast furnace slag. That is why mineral wool is the most rated environment-friendly solution of soundproofing as it is mainly made of recycling materials and helps to reduce the pollution and risk of fire.

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