For Microphones and Headphones

Universal microphone sponge windscreen coloured set. Master pack: 6 pcs set. ..
Foam microphone windscreens. Black color. Pack 6 pieces. ..
Nylon screen pop filter. Gooseneck flexible with universal tube attachment clamp. ..
Dampens the plosives (when you pronounce a p or a b) and protects your mic during voice recordings Filter with double acoustic screen made from high qualit..

840 ₴

In Stock
Two-layer pop filters can easily record sound of excellent quality. The steel holder completely holds the weight of the filter, remains stable. High-quality goo..

910 ₴

In Stock
The model is suitable for cannon microphones. This is a professional fluffy windscreen that fits DCM1, DCM1 PRO and other cannon microphones from Rode, Sennheis..

490 ₴

In Stock
A set of 3 fluffy windscreens designed for a lavalier microphone that can be used in high wind conditions where a foam windscreen just doesn't fit. Ideal so..
Suitable for built-in Vocal X Transmitter microphone. It has a strong clamp with a soft fluffy windshield. It will perfectly protect your microphone from variou..
Suitable for the built-in microphone of the Vocal X Transmitter. Has a sturdy clip with a soft fluffy windscreen. Perfectly protects your microphone from variou..
It is a durable windscreen made from soft, high-density foam. Suitable for lavalier microphones of the CKMOVA LCM2 and LCM6 series, as well as other microphones..
It is a durable windbreak made of soft, high-density foam that is suitable for most lapel microphones on the market today. Excellent quality and unsurpassed wor..
Foam and fur windscreen for lavalier microphone. Reduces wind, breathing and crackling noise. Easy to use, soft and comfortable, weighs only 13g. A great way to..
Professional Sound Shield Reflection Filter SRF5 Porous ABS housing robust design The five panels are made of high-quality ABS sound-absorbing materials, ..
The clip is made of premium metal, easy to attach to your collar. Suitable for most lapel microphones. The weight of this accessory is only 3 grams. Which makes..
The Marantz Pro Sound Shield is a professional sound-absorbing screen, ideal for absorbing unwanted microphone sounds in a studio environment, creating a cleane..
sE Electronics Isolation Pack The sE Electronics Isolation Pack is a pop filter and anti-vibration mount for the company's condenser microphones. Spec..
The largest and most effective addition to the classic Reflexion Filter® lineup: RF SPACE. The RF SPACE (Specialized Portable Acoustic Control Environ..
Six years ago SE ELECTRONICS was the first company to develop a solution to the problems associated with undesirable acoustic surroundings with immersive microp..
Reflexion Filter Pro is an acoustic portable screen (reflection filter) that dampens reflected sound waves, eliminates interference on the capsule, improves the..
Small instrumental acoustic screen (reflection filter) for small diaphragm microphones (SDC). IRF2 is built on the same principles as its "big brother&q..
The guitaRF helps get your amp sounding just the way you want. The guitaRF acts as an RF (Reflexion Filter®), an isolator, a double mic stan..
Beyerdynamic EDT 990 V It's always handy to have a spare set of ear cushions so that you can replace your current ones when needed. The Beyerdynamic EDT 990 V i..
Beyerdynamic EDT 770 V The Beyerdynamic EDT 770 V is a set of grey velour replacement ear cushions, suitable for the DT 770, DT 770 Pro, DT 511, DT 801, DT 831,..
Beyerdynamic EDT 150 S It's always handy to have a spare set of ear cushions so that you can replace your current ones when needed. The Beyerdynamic EDT 150 S i..
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For Microphones and Headphones

Components and accessories for microphones

Mic accessories are often overlooked, yet their importance can't be overstated. There are numerous mic accessories designed to optimize your microphone’s performance. Some of them, including mic stands, cables, and mounts, are pretty much essential. Other items such as pop filters, windscreens, shockmounts, and isolation screens may also be critical, depending on how and where you are using your mic.

Microphone placement is a critical element in getting the best sound from your microphone. It is extremely important to have a microphone stand that is both extremely stable and easily adjustable.

High-quality microphone cables offer benefits such as multiple layers of shielding, impurity-free copper, gold contacts, and quad conductors that help to reject noise and interference. Microphone cables have an XLR connector, but some mixers only offer TS or TRS 1/4" jacks, which require an adapter (XLR jack to 1/4" TRS plug).

The easiest way to attach a microphone to a stand is usually the included clip. Shock mounts are the preferred method for mounting microphones in the studio, and sometimes even on stage. This prevents the microphone from picking up low-frequency noise transmitted mechanically through the stand.

Pop filters usually consist of fabric stretched over a ring frame. Metal mesh pop filters are a newer development. They don’t stop the airflow, but deflect it so it doesn’t hit the microphone. For outdoor recordings in film, TV and broadcasting, fur windscreens are a popular choice. Fur windscreens are more effective than foam covers.​ In rooms that aren't acoustically optimized, reflections can make the signal sound muddy. One possible remedy is a microphone screen.

Components and accessories for headphones

Whether you are buying a new pair or looking to upgrade your old headphones, there are many ways to improve them. With the right accessories, you can unlock new features, share your tunes with more people, and make the most of the potential of your headphones. Even if your current set is not exactly audiophile, there are products that will improve your headphones, you just need to know what to look for. If you are missing a feature that you really need, you may not have to spend money on a new expensive pair.

The ear cushions play a very important role, not only in wearing comfort, but also in the quality of the sound coming out of the speakers. Quality ear cushions should be well-designed and made of quality materials to ensure a secure fit and maximum comfort, even with extended use. The material can also affect how much outside noise is blocked out.

This is an important addition for those who have spent their money on quality headphones. Cases and bags keep your headphones safe and prevent dirt, dust and moisture from getting in. Most headphone cases have a lightweight design and handles for greater portability. You can easily carry the headphone cases in your backpack or travel bag. It is also possible to attach the case to your belt for quick and easy access.

Headphone stands are places where you put your headphones when you are not using them. A headphone stand helps to secure your investments and get rid of clutter on your desk. There are different types of headphone stands depending on their shape and the material they are made of. So all you have to do is pick the right one.

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