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Scene and Lighting

Reason for discount: The product does not work, it is sold as a case. Smoke generator. Power - 700 Watts. Warm-up time - 4.5 minutes. Smoke Out - 100 cubic m..
The state is working, but there is a defect: the plastic connector is broken at the input of the power cable. And also there are scratches on the case, signs of..
Showtec DJ-Switch-12 Reason for markdown: The device was used in the store to showcase lighting equipment. Fully operational, but slightly recurve bent. The ..
Liquid for Bubble generators. Volume - 5 liters...
Extension for telescopic light bar. Made in steel. Useful Width  153 cm. Weight  2,6 Kg. Maximum Carriage Capacity  30 Kg. Total Volume  0,075 cbm. C..
The MW60SP LED head is ideal for stages, clubs, cafes, bars, restaurants, karaoke bars and outdoor events. Features input power: AC100-240V, 50/60 Hz ..
MARQ Colormax REMOTE Wireless remote control for compatible Marq Lighting Colormax products Wirelessly powers on/off and adjusts brightness Single button acces..
Soundking DNA001  It is portable, available for adjusting the height, aluminium stage stand. The material for platform is perfect for choosing plywood or organi..
MARQ Gesture Beam 102 2-sided Moving Head Beam Independent RGBW Color mixing for each side Continuous Pan & Tilt for endless rotation on both axes Wide 3.4° be..
Intimidator Beam LED 350, 8 or 14-channel DMX-512, the LED "head", 2 in one (wash / beam), panorama of 540 °, Tilt 270 °, 8 colors plus white, gobo wheel (5 + 1..

8984 ₴4492 ₴

In Stock
Chauvet Line Dancer Line Dancer is a compact LED effect light that projects strips of rotating multicolored light and creates mid-air effects that blanket an en..
Soundking DKB2203-300 A truss is a spatial metal structure made of pipes or rods welded in such a way that the resulting figure has a much greater strength than..

291 ₴

In Stock
SHOWTEC 70109_S Clamp for hanging lighting devices...

311 ₴

In Stock
Musician_Б Clamp for hanging lighting devices.  ..

311 ₴

In Stock
Musician_B Clamp for hanging lighting devices.  ..
24 white LEDsPower: 3WFunctions: Auto / SoundSize (mm) 130 x 120 x 180Weight: 0.45 kg...

863 ₴

In Stock
LLT_CLAMP Sturdy metal construction for hanging lighting devices...
Scene and Lighting,Controllers,DMX Controllers Controller NEO-NEON SRC-115 24-12-16-1..
Antari BCR-1 Working Distance: Wireless, up to 50 m. Connector: 1/4 Stereo. Function: Wireless ON/OFF. Compatible With: B-100X, B-200...
KOOLLIGHT SNOW-1200 Powerful snow generator. Power: 1200 watts. Snow Output: 50m. Throwing up to 7 meters. The liquid capacity: 5L. Control: DMX, wired remote c..
KOOLLIGHT STAR LED (A-634) LED effect "Moon flower". 84 RGB LEDs, 4 DMX channels, automatic mode, sound activation...

277 ₴

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Musician_A Clamp Musician_A for hanging lighting equipment...

380 ₴

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Clamp Musician Clamp for hanging lighting devices...
Scene and Lighting Сontroller SHOWTEC Chase Lite 5-5-7-9 Showtec..
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Scene and Lighting

Scene and lighting

An essential element of any nightclubs and concert halls are lighting equipment. It is what makes the club so attractive for visitors. 

Strobe – creates the effect of jerky movements of people on the dance floor, and called "flash effect".

Mirror ball – a classic dance floor device. We have a selection of mirrored disco balls, motors and drives for them.

Spotlights can be highly directional, scattered, with automatic change of colors, with one color filter, with multiple color filters, specialized, or follower.

Lasers – used in nightclubs, can create light beams of three colors: green, red, blue. There are models of laser systems that create rays of two or three colors. 

Ultraviolet lamps – can emphasize the unusual atmosphere of the nightclub. Because ultraviolet light bright clothing appear white. Fabulously look walls and decor establishments, traced with a special paint that occurs under ultraviolet light.

Halogen lamps – lighting devices, the main elements of which are halogen lamps, referring to the number of heat sources of light emission spectrum which is close to the spectrum of white-yellow light, a color temperature of about 3000 K. They have an intense luminous flux, compared to traditional incandescent lamps, higher energy efficiency and high color rendering index (100 Ra).

There is also a light devices for night clubs often include special effects generators, as the use of devices of this type can qualitatively transform the atmosphere in the room. Generators effects – this is the machine with which the effects are created on the basis of smoke, fire, confetti, foam, bubbles, snow and vapor.

Buy scene and lighting equipment in Musician.UA

You can buy scene and lighting equipment in our online shop. An online consultation is also possible. Delivery is carried out all over Ukraine. Thanks to the wide assortment, everyone will find a suitable product for themselves. You can always count on professional advice and assistance. We care about the quality of service and do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.