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Drum gloves

Drum gloves serve a couple of purposes. They prevent annoying blisters, absorb shock from the impact of your sticks, improve your grip and they are looks cool. They are also used by drummers who have very dry skin. Drum gloves are generally not very expensive. However, the quality does differ between brands. Finding the best drumming gloves on the market can be a bit confusing, considering how many different brands are out there. 

The most important factors when buying a pair of drumming gloves are comfort, protection, durability, and fit. You won’t be able to play drums with a pair of drummer gloves that are far too small or large. They have to fit comfortably and you shouldn’t have to think about them whilst you play. Drumming gloves can take some time getting used to. The lifespan of a pair of drum gloves might not be more than a few years at best.

How to choose the best drummer gloves?

  • Material. Get drum gloves made of long-lasting and lightweight materials that sit on your hands just like skin and don’t make you too conscious while you’re playing
  • Wrist support. Check if the gloves for drumming provide protection to your wrists and prevent you from getting a strain in the wrist after long hours of performing
  • Ventilation. Get drum gloves made of a breathable material, with vents
  • Grips. Pick drum gloves with a good grip, preferably made of rubber
  • Pads. Drumming gloves lined with leather pads give your hands great cushioning and absorb shocks and vibrations from hitting the drums hard
  • Size. Ensure that the fit is perfect for you so that they don’t start to feel uncomfortable while playing

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