Training Drum Sets

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Peace TR-7 Training Kit Peace TR-7 allows you to rehearse before concerts and performances even at home. The noise level is minimized by the fact that all the c..

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Peace TR-2 A great option for exercise at home. As close to real feeling rebound sticks as plastic stretch, and the tension can be adjusted. Installing stable, ..
Peace TR-11-3 Training Kit Peace TR-11-3 of three plastic pads in black and one steel rack. On a pad of rubber glued material, which gives less like a real rebo..
DW Go Anywhere™ 5-Piece  DW Go Anywhere Complete Practice Set lets you practice wherever you happen to be. With the DWCPPADTS5, you can sharpen your drumming ch..

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Peace TR-5 Silent installation of scrimmage 5 pads with Kevlar netting, the kit includes plastic plates, racks and pedal. Features: Type of Training drums Numb..
Maxtone MX568A Imitation 5-component drum with plastic trays (Hi-hat, crash and ride). Included Accessories 5 rubber pads (drum, snare drum, 3 volumes) Metal r..
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Training Drum Sets

Training Drum Kit resemble electronic drum kit. The main objective of the training pads is learning how to play the drums, to build technical skills and coordination. Engage in the training can be a drum kit at home, without disturbing others.

The training drum kit uses the innovative materials and technologys to create the most realistic feel replicated the sound of an acoustic drum kit. The special rubber or plastic almost completely absorb sound and wonderful simulate drumstick rebound in learning drum rudiments and development of technology.

If you decide to learn to play the drums, training drumset is perfect goal. Many manufacturers offer training drum kits with different functions and useful features. In our online store you can buy training drumset of famous brands DW, Maxtone, Peace, Evans and we deliver it to any city in Ukraine: Kiev, Kharkov, Lugansk, Poltava, Zhitomir, Zaporozhye, White Church, Rivne, Kirovograd, Nikolaev, Odessa, Lutsk et al.