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Hora Hammered Dulcimer  Hammered Dulcimer, ethnic stringed instrument, common in Greece, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and Belarus. The wide upper deck with..
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Gusli, Tsymbaly

Gusli is an ancient Slavonic multi-string plucked musical instrument of the dulcimer and zither family. This instrument bears similarities with the Greek kithara, the Jewish nevel, the Finnish kantele, etc. It’s important to mention that many ethnic groups have their own versions of this instrument, which presumably share common roots. Yet nobody can trace those roots to the times of origin of these instruments, though their resemblance is quite evident. Gusli is one of the oldest musical instruments that have played an important role in the Russian music culture. There are two main types of gusli:

  • Helmet-shaped
  • Wing-shaped 

Helmet-shaped gusli is a variety of gusli held by the musician on his knees, so that the strings are horizontal, the resonator body under them. He uses his left hand to mute unnecessary strings and thus form chords, while strumming all the strings with his right hand. The instrument was spread in southern and western regions of Kievan Rus'. Wing-shaped gusli is much smaller, and has more resemblance to Baltic psaltery such as the kankles, kokles, kannel and kantele. They are held much more like modern guitars (although the strings are still muted by the left hand through a special opening in the instrument's body).

Tsymbaly – it is a folk musical instrument whose strings are struck with two small padded sticks. It consists of a shallow rectangular or trapezoidal wooden sound box with 16–35 clusters of gut or wire strings stretched lengthwise across the deck. Its range is usually three octaves. Originating in Byzantium, it was brought to Europe by the Turks. During the 1600s the tsymbaly became widespread throughout Ukraine, supplanting even the husli (psaltery) in popularity. As an ensemble instrument it entered the tradition of troisti muzyky. Today it remains one of the basic instruments of all folk orchestras.

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