Mirror Balls

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Mirror Balls

Mirror balls

Mirror ball – device, the surface of which is made up of hundreds of pieces of mirror of the same size. At the direction of the mirror ball flow of light its rays are reflected, filling the room with soft reflections. Buy a mirrored disco ball and place it under the ceiling – the perfect solution to fill the entire space rays. If necessary additional devices installed to provide rotation of the sphere. Beams of searchlights should be aimed directly at a reflective surface, it will provide a dispersion of glare and light up the room. On our site you will find not only the balls of different diameters, and spotlights, differing in functionality, power and cost. You just have to choose the kit that best meets your needs. Mirror balls are an integral part of a night club, a bar with club oriented, can be an original gift and wonderfully fit into a creative interior, as for decorative purposes. Choosing the right mirror ball depends on the size and capacity you need. Whether you going to use it on its own or synchronized with lights and fog machines, a mirror ball is a guaranteed to impress and delight the crowd. A true flashback to the disco era, mirror balls permeate the dance floor with dazzling, rotating beams of light. If you are looking to add a vintage touch to your show, a mirror ball is a terrific choice.

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You can buy mirror balls in our stores. It is also possible to place an order in the online shop. Delivery is carried out all over Ukraine. Thanks to the wide assortment, everyone will find a suitable product for themselves. You can always count on professional advice and assistance. We care about the quality of service and do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.