Perfect MOONSTAR MK3 The Perfect MOONSTAR MK3 is a powerful professional laser with a 450 mW light source. This model supports DMX control. It is possible to wo..

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Perfect FS-6 (GBC) Perfect has specialized for many years in the production of universal lighting and sound equipment. The installations will find application i..

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Perfect FIT-S RGB Perfect has specialized for many years in the production of universal lighting and sound equipment. The installations will find application in..
Perfect POWER-7 (1500mWRGB) The Perfect POWER-7 laser (1500mWRGB) is the perfect solution for bars, nightclubs, promotions and concerts. This laser is equipped ..
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Lasers – sources of narrow beams of light, with a very high intensity and density. This allows you to see the projection even with very good light bright laser beams. Laser graphics can be accessed through the laser beam reflected from two mirrors, each of which performs a role: one provides a vertical, the other – horizontally. If we combine these two scans, we can get an image. The most widespread is the green laser. Lasers make an incredible addition to any light show. They are one of the coolest effects, shooting colored beams through fog and haze. Lasers are highly versatile, they are great for concerts and discos.

Types of lasers

There are several types of lasers:

  • LED lasers – use an electric light that is similar to incandescent lamps so they are brighter, longer lasting, and require no warm-up time
  • Derby lights – clustered lights, usually in sets of six. Red, white, green and blue are the colors most commonly used in derby lights, creating a vibrant collage
  • Patterns – some laser light systems create designs, images, and patterns to wash over the crowd and pulse to the beat of the music. Often these patterns include strobes and light chases, where the lasers seem to chase each other across an area


Laser light units can be controlled through several mediums. One option is a DMX controller (digital multiplex controller). Using DMX to control your laser allows you to assign it to separate channels – each channel providing a different effect. A programmable laser light show gives your performance added precision. A simpler way to control your laser is to use a remote control. Some units come with an easy-to-use Infrared Compatible Control (IRC), while other units require purchasing a remote separately. The IRC can be helpful if you’re managing several systems or units as once. The idea of the lights automatically matching the music is a cool idea, but sound active mode is only ideal for house parties since it is not always dependable.


Traditional or LED lights?

LED lights allow for more control over the strength and temperature than other lights, but they do not provide as much light when lighting up stages. Some performers prefer LED lights because they:

  • Provide more color options   
  • Last longer than traditional lights
  • Make it easier to switch between colors and flashing effects

However, traditional lights are better at providing solid color, as well as the kind of white light that is more flattering to the performer. In the end, the decision to purchase LED stage lasers or traditional lights is a matter of preference and what you need for the performance or party.

Picking stage laser light is a challenge. Especially when you have to choose one out of many. When it comes to the best stage lasers, you will throw away your money if you settle for cheap unit. Poor quality can mean quick burn outs or faulty equipment. So it is important to shop for quality when it comes to your lights.

Buy lasers in Musician.UA

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