Acoustical Shields

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Acoustical Shields

Drum shields

Drum shields provide noise isolation, volume reduction and cleaner sounding live mixes. They are most appropriate for use in large concert halls, big stages, and live music festivals.The purpose of using this shield is to create a kind of wall for the sound produced by the drums that keep it trapped. Because the drums are generally the loudest musical instruments amongst others, they are likely to not only repress the sound being produced by other musical instruments but also may hinder the voice of a singer. The loud sound of the drums can also take over the microphones, which results in only the sound of a drum being heard by everyone while all other instruments get silenced. The drums, therefore, are needed to be played in a manner that their sound stays controlled and reaches only the mics it is intended to reach and in a controlled frequency. This purpose can be achieved by using a drums screen or shield. The drum shields also stops the echoic sound that is produced when playing drums in the large rooms and stops a crystal clear recording from being made.

You need in-depth scrutiny of each of the products before selecting your preferred drum shield. It is essential to be aware of the differences and the other distinct features of the drum shields. Remember that the best drum shield is the one that fits your needs. Therefore, you need to take a look at a few time-proven options and compare their features. Thus, you will know what item offers the best protection and sound control.

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