Sound Equipment Stands

Maximum Acoustic MHC Maximum Acoustic MHC is a universal microphone holder that is suitable for most handheld microphone models. Made in the formfactor "..
Sound Equipment Stands,Microphone Stands & Holders,Sound Equipment Stands Microphone holder Maximum Acoustics MHS 21-20-21-2 Maximum Acoustics..
Maximum Acoustics CRANE.20N Maximum Acoustics CRANE.20N is a height-adjustable crane microphone stand from Maximum Acoustics. The stand is adjustable from a ..
Maximum Acoustics GLE Maximum Acoustics GLE is a for a speaker stand. Material - plastic. Internal diameter - 35 mm, depth 60 mm. ..
Maximum Acoustics GLI Maximum Acoustics GLI is a for a speaker stand. Material - steel. Internal diameter - 35 mm, depth 100 mm. ..
Maximum Acoustics MPS Maximum Acoustics MPS is a steel speaker rack from Maximum Acoustics. It is ideal for small broadband speakers and weighs up to 50 kg. ..
Maximum Acoustics SDS Maximum Acoustics SDS.KIT is a set of two steel speaker stands and one cover from Maximum Acoustics. The stands are ideal for small, fu..
Maximum Acoustics CRANE.30N Maximum Acoustics CRANE.30M is a height-adjustable crane microphone stand from Maximum Acoustics. The stand is adjustable from a ..
Boston BS-050-BK The Boston BS-050-BK is a sturdy and solid tripod for your studio monitors. It is adjustable in 5 height positions : 83, 91, 99, 107 and 115 cm..
Maximum Acoustics MDS Maximum Acoustics MDS is a steel speaker rack from Maximum Acoustics. It is ideal for small broadband speakers and weighs up to 50 kg. ..
Bespeco SH70N Features Pair of speaker stands with Ø 35 mm pole. Made of steel Height adjustment through knob and safety pin. It is additionally equipped with ..
Maximum Acoustics Tube.13 TUBE.13 - is a metal loudspeaker tube designed for mounting on a subwoofer. The range is regulated according to the height from the..
Boston BS-050-BK The BS-090-BK is an affordable, steel speaker stand from Boston.It is ideal for top boxes and the small full range speakers. It is height adjus..
Attach your GVX Series speakers to your GVX subwoofer with this pole. Great for mounting your speaker to your subwoofer. Features: Length: 1 m; Material: Alumi..
Sound Equipment Stands,Sound Equipment Stands Stand for Speaker Maximum Acoustics SDS 21-5-9-6 Maximum Acoustics ..
Specifications: Minimum Height: 118 cm Maximum Height: 187 cm Maximum Opening: 128 cm Weight: 2,2 Kg Maximum Carriage Capacity: 30 Kg Total Volume: 0,15 cbm Co..
Specifications: Minimum Height: 75 cm Maximum Height: 120 cm Maximum Carriage Capacity: 50 kg Total Volume: 0,09 Color: black Material of Construction: Steel +..
Bespeco BP44MT Monitor and amplifiers stands with Crocodile screwed system. Completely foldable, ideal for live events. Made of steel 30x15x1,5mm. Painted in bl..
Specifications: Weight: 2 kg Maximum Carriage Capacity: 50 kg Volume (1 pcs): 0,040 cbm Total Volume: 0,147 cbm Color: black Paint: no toxic powder Material of..
Specifications: Minimum Height: 78 cm Maximum Height: 124 cm Weight: 0,9 Kg Maximum Carriage Capacity: 40 Kg Total Volume: 0,009 cbm Color: Black Material of C..
Specifications: Minimum Height: 180 cm Maximum Height: 300 cm Weight: 3,5 kg Maximum Carriage Capacity: 40 kg Color: Black Material of Construction: Aluminium ..
Specifications: Minimum Height: 128 cm Maximum Height: 210 cm Weight: 2,9 kg Maximum Carriage Capacity: 40 kg Color: black Material of Construction: Aluminium ..
Bespeco SH80NP Pair of pneumatic speaker stands made of steel and aluminium. Adjustable in height and equipped with a metal safety pin. Legs bottom link in load..
Bespeco SH14NET Microphone stand with telescopic boom and metal joint. The die-cast metal base is equipped with rotation blocks made of nylon for a perfect legs..
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Sound Equipment Stands

Stands and brackets for audio equipment

Equipment stands and holders are components which has become vital. Today’s sensitive audio equipment is more and more sensitive to the distortions which come from an unexpected source – mechanical vibration. Even subtle vibration will affect the quality of what you hear and what you see, and the better your components, the more important vibration control becomes. Every time you want to place something, you need a stand, rack or bracket.

To position microphones for the best sound output, think about microphone stands and mounts. The microphone stand holds the microphone for optimal sound quality and comfortable operation. This helps eliminate all sorts of shocks and vibrations. There are many tripods and accessories for studio microphones that can meet a variety of needs. For speakers, monitors, acoustic systems, subwoofers you can use special stands or stands that are adjustable in height, which allows you to make individual adjustments and provide optimal sound. There are also brackets for attaching equipment to walls. The mixer stands are foldable for maximum portability and ease of storage, they are compatible with different types of mixers and have adjustable heights for different users. Stand for audio equipment – a convenient solution for placing equipment in any room. There are stands made of composite materials, wood and metal. Each material has its own advantages. Composite stands are light and strong, steel is strong but heavy, and wood is somewhere in the middle. If you need to move your stand frequently, a wood or composite stand is best, whereas if you plan to store your stand in one place, steel equipment stands are a great choice. There are also stands with glass shelves – not the best choice, especially if you have a large studio. The 19-inch rack is the industry standard for placing professional audio equipment, including amplifiers, effects, audio interfaces, turntables, etc. They have a strong frame, stable base and unpretentious in care. Many rack stands come with wheels, so they can be easily moved. A rack is the perfect solution for the recording studio.

Buy audio equipment stands in Musician.UA

Racks and stands for sound equipment are indispensable items for musicians, DJs and engineers. You can buy audio equipment stands in our stores. It is also possible to place an order in the online shop. Delivery is carried out all over Ukraine. Thanks to the wide assortment, everyone will find a suitable product for themselves. You can always count on professional advice and assistance. We care about the quality of service and do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.