Sound Equipment Stands

Specifications: Metal wall bracket for a loudspeaker system Diameter of the seat under the column is 35 mm Color: black ..
QSC AF218-sw Aluminum frame for surface mounting or suspension WL218-sw ..
QSC WL Small Grid Steel mounting frame, designed for hanging eight (8) or stacking four (4) WL 2102/2102-w. ..
QSC WL Large Grid Steel mounting frame, designed for suspension 24 or stacking 12 loudspeakers WL 2102/2102-w. ..
QSC AF3082-S Suspension frame 12x WL3082 or 8x WL3082 and 2x WL212-sw. ..
QSC AF3082-L Large frame for suspension 12 WL3082 and 4 WL212-sw. ..
Stand Soundking SKDG019 Specifications: Dimensions: 305x405x320 mm Weight: 1.25 kg Manufacture: China Black color ..
König & Meyer 21420 Lightweight aluminum stand for loads up to 12 kg. Ideal for small speakers and monitors. Extension tube diameter 25 mm. Graduall..
König & Meyer 24180 Two adjustable brackets 20 x 98 mm and 24 x 98 mm, tilt angle to 15°. Max. load capacity: 10 kg. Color: black. Харак..
König & Meyer 24120 The swivelling and tiltable wall mount holds your speaker at the angle you want. The mount has 11 different tilt settings moving..
Features: Stand under the column ZH208, ZH210 (a small glass) Material: Aluminum Black color Bear the weight: 30 kg Design: retractable Height: ..
König & Meyer 21467 An exceptional aluminum speaker stand with a unique patented expanding mandrel system that provides a stable, tight and firm fit..
König & Meyer 21450 An easy-to-carry speaker stand made of high quality aluminum. Fiberglass-reinforced fittings and an additional safety pin ensure..
König & Meyer 21435 The standard speaker stand constructed from steel tubing has been significantly improved. The new legs with a tubing diameter of..
König & Meyer 214/6 All clamps are high quality zinc die-cast. The leg construction and large fixed foot end caps enhance safety and stability. This..
König & Meyer 214/6 All clamps are high quality zinc die-cast. The leg construction and large fixed foot end caps enhance safety and stability. This..
König & Meyer 213 A high quality steel speaker stand with zinc die-cast clamps for professional use. Infinitely variable height adjustment with a ha..
Rack amp Soundking SKDG020 ..
Stands and Holders,Sound Equipment Stands Rack amp Rockstand RS 23010 RS23010 Rockstand ..

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QSC AD-ID8T The QSC Audio AD-ID8T IntelliDock Mount work with the AD-S82 Loudspeakers. This mount comes with a quick connect and disconnect latch comple..
QSC AD-ID8 The QSC Audio AD-ID8 IntelliDock Mount work with the AD-S82 and AD-S82H Loudspeakers. This mount comes with a quick connect and disconnect latch c..
König & Meyer 28101 Perfect for amplifiers or monitor speakers. The support arms have a tilt angle of 42° and are height-adjustable. The stand i..
König & Meyer 26740 Stable steel stand for monitors with broad completely level round cast-iron base-diameter 450 mm. Rod combination height adjusta..
König & Meyer 42040 A reliable rack for mixing console. Made of durable aluminum. A special rubber coating is applied on the contact surface, which ..
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Sound Equipment Stands

Stands and brackets for audio equipment

Equipment stands and holders are components which has become vital. Today’s sensitive audio equipment is more and more sensitive to the distortions which come from an unexpected source – mechanical vibration. Even subtle vibration will affect the quality of what you hear and what you see, and the better your components, the more important vibration control becomes. Every time you want to place something, you need a stand, rack or bracket.

To position microphones for the best sound output, think about microphone stands and mounts. The microphone stand holds the microphone for optimal sound quality and comfortable operation. This helps eliminate all sorts of shocks and vibrations. There are many tripods and accessories for studio microphones that can meet a variety of needs. For speakers, monitors, acoustic systems, subwoofers you can use special stands or stands that are adjustable in height, which allows you to make individual adjustments and provide optimal sound. There are also brackets for attaching equipment to walls. The mixer stands are foldable for maximum portability and ease of storage, they are compatible with different types of mixers and have adjustable heights for different users. Stand for audio equipment – a convenient solution for placing equipment in any room. There are stands made of composite materials, wood and metal. Each material has its own advantages. Composite stands are light and strong, steel is strong but heavy, and wood is somewhere in the middle. If you need to move your stand frequently, a wood or composite stand is best, whereas if you plan to store your stand in one place, steel equipment stands are a great choice. There are also stands with glass shelves – not the best choice, especially if you have a large studio. The 19-inch rack is the industry standard for placing professional audio equipment, including amplifiers, effects, audio interfaces, turntables, etc. They have a strong frame, stable base and unpretentious in care. Many rack stands come with wheels, so they can be easily moved. A rack is the perfect solution for the recording studio.

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Racks and stands for sound equipment are indispensable items for musicians, DJs and engineers. You can buy sound equipment stands in our stores. It is also possible to place an order in the online store. Delivery is carried out all over Ukraine. Thanks to the wide assortment, everyone will find a suitable product for themselves. You can always count on professional advice and assistance. We care about the quality of service and do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.