Fire Machines

Djpower V-3 The Spark machine produces a fantastic, non-hazardous effect that looks like traditional fireworks or pyrotechnics, adopting brand-new control syste..
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Fire Machines

Fire machines

Fire machines are used to liven up parties and events in an incomparable way. Flame special effects can create a tremendous atmosphere at your events. Modern fire machines are surprisingly versatile, operating both indoors and out to produce a variety of effects from tall flame jets to delicate fire balls.

Types of fire machines

There is a wide variety of fire machines on the market that you can use to liven up your events. They can be fire machines or cold fire machines, it all depends on the space you have, and whether it is indoors or outdoors. Some can be connected together to create spectacular effects. In addition, they can vary according to the height of the flame they produce.

Differences between fire and cold fire

The fire machines achieve a really striking visual effect. If you use the normal fire machine, you can create a column of fire to the rhythm of the music or simply at will, with the cold fire machine you can even do it very close to the audience or guests, without risk. The fire machine is intended to be used outdoors, because it gives real flames produced by propane gas, while the cold fire machine is ideal for indoors as the sparks are not real fire.

Both the fire machine and the cold fire machine generate special effects for events, with guaranteed safety. They allow to program the flame, in terms of height, number of detonations, and some models even make it possible to synchronize the effect with music. These products are easy to use, and if they are used following the instructions and complying with the safety protocols, there is no risk for the attendees. Their proper use will make enjoy even more the party or event they are animating.

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