Showtec DJ-Switch-12 Reason for markdown: The device was used in the store to showcase lighting equipment. Fully operational, but slightly recurve bent. The ..
Showtec Scanmaster 2 MKII The Scanmaster 2 MKII is the updated version of the already popular Scanmaster 2. It can control 12 scanners with a maximum of 16 DMX ..
The FC-T is a remote control designed to work with most CHAUVET fog machines. Three LED indicators display timer on/off, continuous fog on/off and whether the m..
CHAUVET (FC-W) The FC-W is a wireless remote control designed to activate up to four CHAUVET fog machines independently (separate receivers for additional fogge..
MARQ Colormax REMOTE Wireless remote control for compatible Marq Lighting Colormax products Wirelessly powers on/off and adjusts brightness Single button acces..
The Data Stream 4 is a universal DMX-512 optical splitter designed to distribute the incoming DMX signal, in daisy chain configurations, into four separate outp..
MARQ SceniQ 1 512 channel DMX Interface for sceniQ software. Get started faster by using preset movements and effects automatically loaded after adding your fi..
Bigger shows call for more accessibility and ease of programming. The Obey 70 bridges the gap between smaller rack mount controllers and massive control desks. ..
The Obey 40 is the next step up from the Obey 10, allowing for control of up to 12 fixtures at 16 channels each. With a slightly larger size comes a larger capa..

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Scene and Lighting,Controllers,DMX Controllers Controller NEO-NEON SRC-115 24-12-16-1..
Antari BCR-1 Working Distance: Wireless, up to 50 m. Connector: 1/4 Stereo. Function: Wireless ON/OFF. Compatible With: B-100X, B-200...
Showtec SM-8/2 16 Channel Lighting dsk The SM-8/2 is an ideal entry level controller for use with intelligent lighting fixtures up to 16 channels. It has 8 fade..
Showtec SM-16/2 30Channel Lightingdesk The SM-16/2 is the bigger brother of the SM-8/2. It can handle intelligent lighting fixtures up to 32 channels. Again it ..
Showtec Showmaster 48 MKII The Showmaster 48 MKII is the bigger brother of the "normal" Showmaster: with 48 channels instead of 24. The Showmaster 48 MKII is a ..
Perfect PR-L002 DMX384 moving light control Perfect has specialized for many years in the production of universal lighting and sound equipment. The installation..
IMG Stage Line SR-103DMX DMX splitter/DMX booster, for splitting one DMX input signal to 3 DMX outputs. Specs Type: 1 DMX signal to 3 DMX signals Suitable for:..
Perfect PR-L012 8ch DMX splitter Perfect has specialized for many years in the production of universal lighting and sound equipment. The installations will find..
Perfect PR-L005 Perfect has specialized for many years in the production of universal lighting and sound equipment. The installations will find application in a..
The radio transmitter and receiver DMX signals (optional) Characteristics: Assured transmission distance of 200 m. Connecting the transmitter to one of up to ..
Antari W-1 Working Distance: Wireless, up to 50 n. Function: Wireless ON/OFF. There are 2 radio frequencies can be chosen. They are 315 MHz and 433 MHz respecti..
Descriptions: 1 input and 1 output directly. 8 amplified output with optical isolated. Improve the loss of signal during long-range transmission. Solve the dis..
KLARK TEKNIK DN1248PLS-FM The DN1248 PLUS-FM from Klark Teknik is a twelve-channel active signal splitter that provides four discrete outputs, all of which are ..
Showtec Strobe-Con 1 One channel strobe-controller with speedcontrol. Switch for flash, standby and audio power: 240/50 Hz. Specifications Input voltage: 240 V-..
Stagg SLI-IRREMOTE Compatible with SLI-ECOPAR1 and SLI-ECOPAR2 spotlights...
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Using of lighting devices for different kinds of events raises a few questions to the organizers. Light control can be realized by means of manipulation or gaffer, or without his participation. Light control gaffer can make both directly and through the control system. Such a control system here can be remote by a control switcher, dimmer. 

The DMX512 supporting the work with 512 channels. First, this protocol has been designed to control dimmers, that's why there is a question of 512 dimmer channels. The dimmer each channel is responsible for adjusting the brightness. Data on the DMX512 protocol is carried out sequentially on a single cable. That is why the devices are connected to the control panel in sequence. DMX512 protocol is limited - each transmitter signal, ie the control panel, can not manage more than 32 devices in series. To make the management of more than 32 devices, you need a splitter DMX, with one input multiple outputs, each of which can hold up to 32 devices.