Percussion Heads

This page is available in Ukrainian and Russian versions at our website...
This page is available in Ukrainian and Russian versions at our website...
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Percussion Heads

Percussion heads

When it comes to drums, drumheads and tuning are everything. Choosing the right heads for your drums can spell the difference between an instrument that speaks to you on a spiritual level, and one that just makes sound. If you have been playing drums for any length of time, you already know just how many heads are available today. Coated or clear, single or double ply, thick or thin – there are a lot of options..


Before the 1950s, most drums used calfskin heads. While calfskin did and does impart a cool sound, it was tough to install. Each head would come as a dried round disc that had to be soaked in water first so it would loosen up. Then it had to be stretched over the drum shell and then manually connected to the hoop so it could be tuned up. On top of all that, the drumheads would expand and contract with the weather! The advent of plastic drumheads – most notably mylar polyester and, in the marching world, Kevlar aramid fiber – has made life much easier for drummers today.

Types of drumheads

  • Single-ply
  • Double-ply
  • Coated head
  • Clear head

Single-ply drumheads are the most basic, and typically thinnest, types of drumheads on the market. Their only limitation is that they are typically not as durable as double-ply heads, so they do not last as long in a rock setting. In addition to being more durable than their single-ply counterparts, double-ply heads tend to exhibit more attack, reduced overtones, and a shorter sustain. Coating on a drumhead tends to muffle the sound a bit. Clearer heads tend to sound brighter and more open. Which style is right for you comes down to a matter of personal taste.

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