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Kobza Hora This is an 8-stringed high-class musical instrument. Specs Strings: 8 (H, D, E1, G, H, H, E1, E1) Bore: 430 mm Upper deck: Solid array of Carpathian..
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Kobza - Ukrainian stringed instrument of the lute family. Kobzar consists of a body and the neck.

"Kobza", "Kobozev", "kobuz" and so on can be traced back to 1250 year, as in the Slavonic, and in Oriental sources. Kobza, eventually becoming the favorite instrument of the Ukrainian Cossacks and widely distributed among the rural population of the lands of the Polish kings and Russian tsars, where he played the lute in Western Europe. Ukrainian Kobza essential attribute of Cossack Mamai, character puppetry Den. K. Hildebrandt, a member of the Swedish delegation to the hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky, to visit Ukraine in the years 1656-1657, a detailed description of your stay and the reception accorded to the hetman. In an informal atmosphere hetman he played lute.