Tracking Spotlight Mini Light Up CS-J001 Wedding Specifications: Source: HMI-575W (Equivalent to the brightness of 1200W) Adjust the aperture Dimmer Flash 1-10..
The Scan 575 XT is ideal for bigger clubs and spaces where high light output is vital, thanks to a 575 Watt lamp and specially engineered optics. Features inclu..
Characteristics: LED module: 1 Ultrabright White (20W). Manual focus, 0-100% dimming, strobe 1-20 Hz. Gobo: 9 + open, Disk Colors: 9 colors + open, rainbow. Pr..
Retro is in and the Center-piece is back! ROBE is adding a DOMINATOR 1200 XT to its comprehensive range of professional lighting fixtures. The center-piece is a..
The ClubScan 250 CT comes with new electronics and software. This enables the master/slave and stand-alone operations. The option of ″auto-″ or ″music-trigger″ ..
Scanner Polarlights PL-A053 LED 60W Specifications: Light source: 1 pcs * 60W white LED Power consumption: 70W Manual focus DMX512: 4 / 8CH Master / Slave Auto..
New Light PL-83A MINI LED ROLLER SCAN EFFECT LIGHT Rated power: 20 W @ 220 V Light source: 10 W RGBW 4 in 1 Radius angle: 60 Features: Master/Slave, Auto Mode,..
Scanner New Light Nl-1101 5R Beam 200w Scanner Light Specifications: Lamp: 5R Phillips lamp Power: 200 W DMX control: 15 channels Automatic rotation of the axe..
IntimScanLed200, 8-channel DMX-512, the LED "scanner", a panorama of 180 °, Tilt 90 °, 7 color + combined gobo patterns, adjustable strobe effect 0-20 Hz, built..
IntimScanLed100, 6-channel DMX-512, the LED "scanner", a panorama of 180 °, Tilt 90 °, 7 color + combined gobo patterns, adjustable strobe effect 0-16 Hz, built..
LED New Light M-L200 2 Mirror Beam Scan Light Specifications: Bulb: LED CREE 2x15W RGB Power consumption: 60W DMX control: 8 channels Master / Slave mode beam ..

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Follow Spot St-230W Specifications Lamp: 7R PHILIPS 230W DMX channel: 4CH Projection distance: 50 m Beam angle: 25 Power: 800W, Fuse: 10A Color Temperature: 32..
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Scanners - lighting devices with a stationary body, the principle of which is that the beam from the source is projected onto a movable reflector, which is attached to drive the stepper motor. Controll of the scanner could be for DMX-512 protocol and / or audio signal. Depending on the type of scanners are reflector with a mirror with a mirror drum and the other. Depending on the number of reflectors distinguish scanners with one or two reflectors.

Scanner with mirror enables one to receive the light projection, while two scanner mirrors allows to obtain several (8-10 projection light). Often the mirror drum is used to obtain the effect of "chopper". Another advantage of the scanner mirror is that it can be used as a floodlight having a narrow color change movable beam. There are also scanners with two reflectors. The main advantage of this type of scanner is its price. This is due to the fact that a scanner with two reflectors are cheaper than two scanners, one device more compact of the two, the more that get a variety of effects simply by controlling a single instrument. Scanners are a group instrument designed to work in groups of 2-4 units. The most striking and impressive of the scanner can be called with two mirror drums located in the center of the room, which is obtained when using more than 8 light spots.