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Clean & Care

Drum care and cleaning

A drum set is expensive musical equipment so it must be well taken care of. Taking care of it is about keeping it in tune, changing the skins when necessary, and keeping the set clean. Cleaning it is not simply wiping the dirt off with wet cloth. Remember, a drum set consists of different parts and materials. Each of the small pieces should be squeaky clean to keep the whole instrument in good condition. The most important thing to remember on how to clean a drum set is to use a non-abrasive cleaner

Drum shells are the backbone of every drum set and if not cared for will begin to sound less resonant, won’t tune properly, and can also crack or warp. Regularly wipe down your drum shells with microfiber cloths. Paper towels aren’t recommended as they can be too abrasive and may cause scratches. For glossy wrap finishes, consider using a small bit of drum polish once in a while to keep them shining! Generally, cleaning the drums is done by using cleansers that will not fade the colors of the drums or make them flat and dull. Never use abrasive cleansers that will leave a permanent scratch to the finish. Ammonia-based products can fade the color of the drums and make them look old.

There are a lot of moving parts with your hardware, so keeping them clean will save you headaches of having to replace parts in the future. Make sure you polish your hardware especially if it’s chrome plated. If left out too long, especially in harsher conditions, it can start to become dull and potentially lead to corrosion. If there’s any moving part, give it a small dose of lubricating oil and wipe off any excess to keep everything moving smoothly and prevent threads from stripping.

Getting a dust cover for your entire set is a simple option that goes a long way in keeping your drum set clean. A nylon cover will protect the different aspects of your kit from a range of potential harms.  The best way to keep dust and dirt off is to spend more time playing with your drum set instead of often cleaning them.

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