Electronic Percussions

Yamaha XP80 After making acoustic drums for more than 40 years and acquiring deep and highly detailed knowledge of drums in the process, Yamaha has developed th..
Yamaha XP120SD A 12-inch snare DTX-PAD. It is an electronic drum pad for drummers that feels right when you play it, works well in performances, and is fantasti..
Yamaha TP70S The updated 7,5-inch Snare/Tom pad with three zones has a compact but comfortable shape. The soft rubber working surface provides a moderate reboun..
Yamaha DD-75 8 touch-sensitive drum pads, laid out like an acoustic kit, allow for expressive drumming. Garage jam at a friend's house? With the compact design ..
The main features of the model SamplePad 4: Four responsive rubberized pad backlit around the edges; Library of 25 built-in sounds of percussion and ele..
Yamaha DTX402K The drumming that you saw on TV, and the drumming that drives a million people wild– everything starts with giving it a try. Sounds that you can ..
Alesis Crimson II Special Edition Introducing the Crimson II Special Edition: a new piece of electronic drum kit innovation from Alesis. Featuring a traditional..
Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition Kit The Strike Pro Special Edition is a standard-setting electronic drum kit that features a full-sized 20” kick for incredibl..
Yamaha DTX6K2-X Professional pads with a high-quality Yamaha TCS (Textured Cellular Silicone) surface, in tandem with superbly realistic drum voices and high..
Drum Machine ZOOM RT-223The RT-223 provides hundreds of drum and bass sounds. There are 70 drum kits, each comprised of 39 professional-quality PCM drum and per..
Alesis SR-18 Alesis knows drums. Our SR16 has dominated the drum machine market since 1990 and continues to be in demand today. The next-generation SR18 is load..
Alesis SR-16 The drum machine that started a music revolution. As one of the most popular drum machines ever made, the SR-16™ has been used by everyone from son..
Alesis STRIKE EXPANSION PACK Alesis Strike Pro Expansion Pack for Strike Kit Details The Alesis Strike Pro Expansion Pack is perfect for drummers who own the Al..
Yamaha DT10 Drum TriggerDTX Electronic Percussion accessory for drum shell or drum head attachment. Compact DesignEasily mounts "out-of-the-way" to drumhead or ..
Alesis Strike MultiPad Introducing the Strike MultiPad from Alesis - the first percussion pad incredible enough to earn the Strike name. The Strike MultiPad is ..
Universal voices PercPad contains a collection of acoustic and electronic drums and percussion instruments, perfectly meet all the requirements of drummers. In..
Yamaha DTX6K-X  Professional pads with a high-quality Yamaha TCS (Textured Cellular Silicone) surface, in tandem with superbly realistic drum voices and..
Drums & Percussion Instruments,Electronic Drum Sets,Electronic Percussions Electronic Drum Set Alesis DM Lite Kit DM LITE KIT Alesis..
Alesis CompactKit 7 The Alesis CompactKit 7 is a tabletop electronic drum kit with seven velocity-sensitive drum pads that deliver realistic drum sound with ..
Alesis STRIKE KIT Traditional Drum Sizes and Real Drum Feel The Alesis Strike kit shatters all your pre-conceived notions about electronic drums. It combines th..
Alesis DM10 MKII PRO KIT Alesis's Top-of-the-line E-drums The Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Kit delivers an unprecedented level of realism, thanks to its premium dual-zo..
Alesis Surge Mesh Kit Premium Feel and Natural Dynamics The Surge Mesh Kit is a complete 8-piece electronic drum kit that includes everything a drummer needs to..
Alesis Command Mesh Kit Up for Any Battle The Command Mesh Kit features all mesh-head pads that deliver an authentic drumming experience. This kit includes an 8..
Yamaha EAD10 The EAD10 acoustic electronic drum module instantly transforms your acoustic drum kit into a powerful digital/electronic hybrid with sampled sounds..
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Electronic Percussions