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Yamaha YOB-241 This is a more economical ABS-resin body oboe which features a simplified Conservatoire system, making it is easier to play for beginners. The su..
Buffet BC4062-2-O The new Prodige student oboe features important technical, aesthetic and acoustic improvements that will allow beginners and experienc..
Buffet BC3643G-2-0 Professional oboe players will never worry about cracks again. A revolution in the history of woodwind instruments, the Buffet Crampon 364..
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The oboe has a very beautiful and clear timbre and is often acting as a solo instrument, playing stunning melodies in the orchestra. The oboe is a woodwind that looks very similar to the clarinet except it has a mouthpiece made from a double reed. While the main difference between the oboe and clarinet comes down to the reed, there are a lot of other variations between the two instruments as well. The major difference between the oboe and clarinet is the tones that they produce. The oboe produces brighter, penetrative, and clear tones, whereas the clarinet generates mellow, round, dark, and lower range tones. While the oboe and clarinet look identical, there are many differences in their appearance. Both instruments include a bell and upper and lower joints, but the oboe has a staple, whereas the clarinet has a barrel and mouthpiece. Oboe has two reeds and a conical bore, but the clarinet has a single reed and cylindrical bore. The bell of the oboe is rounded, whereas that of the clarinet is flared. Most oboes have closed tone holes, while most clarinets have open tone holes. These instruments also differ in size. Oboe is typically 26 inches in size, whereas the clarinet measures 27.5 inches. The range of the modern oboe extends two and one-half octaves.


The oboe’s origin is not clear. Nobody knows where and when it was first developed. This instrument is first said to have appeared in France in the 17th century. The initial oboe was built from boxwood and had three keys. As the oboe evolved, it saw the addition of more keys. The instrument also became thinner. The contemporary oboe is generally made from African Blackwood. Some companies also use rosewood and cocobolo to make oboes.

The oboe is a dynamic instrument with a very beautiful sound for both solo and ensemble performances but playing it well requires considerable training and skill. The oboe is more challenging to learn as compared to the clarinet. You need continuous practice and the help of a reliable teacher to learn to play the oboe. The types of the oboe are limited. The main types of oboes include Cor Anglais and Oboe d’amore. Cor Anglais comes with the F pitch, whereas oboe d’amore comes with A pitch. The third type of oboe is called bass oboe, which comes with one octave sound lower than the generally used oboes. Playing the oboe or clarinet can help you get hold of your emotions and stay calm. It can also keep your blood pressure in check and decreases stress hormones.

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