The Showtec LED Par 64 Short is a Par 64 with RGB colourmixing. Due to the use of LED's, the lifetime is extremely long and the power consumption is very low. T..
Perfect PR-I005 Perfect PR-I005 is a 200 W follow spot. Color wheels: 4 colors + white. Control: DMX, manual control. Specs Color wheels: 4 colors + white Pow..
Perfect PR-E018 24*3W RGBW 4in1 LED wall washer The Perfect PR-E018 is an LED spotlight. Create endless effects with the built-in automatic programs. Specs LE..
Perfect PR-D026 9+1PCS PAR Light Spotlight Perfect PR-D026 9+1PCS PAR Light is a modern LED spotlight with 9 + 1PCS PAR light source. Specs LED colors: RGB Qu..
Color Imagination SI-134C PARZOOM 3618 These PARZOOM fixtures provides quiet and smooth motorized zoom range from 8°-60°, featuring 36 x 18 W 6-in-1 LEDs (RGBWA..
Color Imagination SI-028R LEDPAR MULTI The Color Imagination SI-028R LEDPAR MULTI is a very powerful indoor LED spotlight. It features excellent color mixing, q..
STLS Par COB 200w White Warm Specifications Input Voltage: AC90-260V, 50-60Hz Power: 200 W Color Temperature: 3200K Light Source: COB 200W White ..

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MARQ Gamut PAR H7 (7) 10-watt RGBAW/UV 6-in-1 high-power LEDs Sit-flat design hugs the floor, enables easy cable access Mix wide range of colors directly from ..
Perfect PR-E020B 24*10W RGBWA 5 in 1 LED waterproof wall washer The Perfect PR-E020B LED spotlight consists of 24 x 10 W RGBWA 5 in 1 LEDs. Power: 200 W. Has a ..
Perfect PR-E018 24*3W RGB 3in1 LED Wash (with chase effect) The Perfect PR-E018 is an LED spotlight. Create endless effects with the built-in automatic programs..
Perfect PR-D066 The Perfect PR-D066 is a modern 50 W LED spotlight. Colors: RGB. Quantity of LEDs: 15. Single LED power: 3 W.  Specs Colors: RGB Quantity of L..
Color Imagination SI-045B LEDPAR 240F The Color Imagination SI-045B LEDPAR 240F is a powerful indoor LED spotlight. It features excellent color mixing, quiet ru..
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Spotlights – multifunctional lighting devices for discotheques and concert halls. The simplest device is among the spotlights is spotlight PAR. It uses a lamp with a parabolic aluminized reflector – PAR. Among this series of projectors are several types that differ from each other by a power cartridges and types of lamps. A lens spot is a spot with an optical system that focuses the beam or changes the diameter of the light spot. This is its main advantage. The color of the beam is set with a light filter. There are projectors with a smooth-finished lens and a Fresnel lens. A spotlight with beam profiling is a spotlight with an optical system that allows you to set the beam profile using special shutters (profiling blades). Spotlights generally use 3- or 5-pin connectors. There are devices that are controlled by DMX or have sound activation. However, models that can be controlled by all available methods are more common. White LEDs are the most common, but there are spots with quad RGBW, tri-color, and warm white.

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