The iKey HDR-7 portable digital recorder has a full color LCD screen that can be taken anywhere. The HDR7 is perfect for recording interviews, pod-casts, meetin..

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Tascam DR-44WL is a groundbreaking Four-Track Recorder with Stereo Mics, XLR Mic inputs and Wi-Fi. TASCAM's DR-44WL is the latest recording innovation ..

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This handy handheld recorder puts five of Zoom's best microphone capsules in the palm of your hand, giving you the perfect pickup patterns for any situation..

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Zoom H8 is the only recorder that adapts to your way of creating. 12 simultaneous recording tracks, interchangeable capsules, and an App-driven touchscreen inte..

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Our products are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the creators who use them. The Zoom H5 provides four tracks of simultaneous recording and, like o..
Zoom has a reputation for producing quality professional audio recorders. So when Zoom combined its audio and video expertise into the original Zoom Q8, it seem..
The Zoom Q2n-4K combines unrivaled audio with crisp 4K imaging to completely capture your rehearsals, performances and live streams like never before. ..
The Zoom PodTrak P8 is a portable multitrack podcast recording device designed to record, edit and create multi-person podcasts anywhere you go without the need..
Compact, affordable, and loaded with features, the Zoom PodTrak P4 makes it easy to capture professional quality audio wherever you’re recording your podc..
Turn on the Zoom F2 ultra-compact handheld field recorder and press the record button to instantly record clear, distortion-free dialogue for video, podcast, vl..
Turn on the Zoom F2 ultra-compact handheld field recorder and press the record button to instantly record clear, distortion-free dialogue for video, podcast, vl..
Professional Audio. Up Close. The Zoom F1 Field Recorder + Lavalier Mic is the perfect solution for videographers who need to capture the nuance of every w..
The Zoom MRS 802 CD is an integrated eight-track recording system, which features an additional stereo master track for recording your mixes, as well as ten vir..
The Zoom MRS 802 is an integrated eight-track recording system, which features an additional stereo master track for recording your mixes, as well as ten virtua..
Small enough to fit in your pocket, the Boss MICRO BR BR-80 is the ultimate new portable recording and jam-along tool for guitarists and other musicians. It&rsq..
BOSS continues its top-selling tradition of portable, affordable multi-trackers with the new BR-800 — a battery-powered studio to go. The sleek new design..

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The Zoom H1n-VP (Value Pack) is loved by musicians, podcasters and filmmakers because of its incredible audio, ease of use and small size. Now the H1n..

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The most versatile portable recorder ever. The H6 is the ultimate portable recorder. With its advanced preamps and interchangeable capsules, the H6 delivers unm..
4-Tracks, Unlimited Creativity. Advanced X/Y microphones, incredibly natural-sounding preamps, and built-in cutting-edge effects make the H4n Pro the ultimate p..

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When developing the Zoom F8n, it was our mission to provide every sound professional with the tools to create something exceptional. With features such as Advan..
Creators everywhere are using Zoom Handy Recorders to capture sound and sample audio like never before. The Zoom H1n is the "next" take-anyw..

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The Zoom F1 Field Recorder + Shotgun Mic is the ultimate solution for run-and-gun filmmakers who need to capture professional quality audio for video. C..

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The Zoom R8 combines multiple audio production tools in one compact device. In addition to being an 8-track recorder, it's a pad sampler and a rhythm machin..

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Zoom released an improved and expanded version of its R16 recorder, adding eight more tracks and some loop and rhythm track sampling features. Both the R16 and ..
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A portable audio recorder is usually a small device designed to record any type of sounds, such as: live shows, rehearsals, interviews, lectures, conversations, etc. As opposed to traditional voice recorders, portable audio recorders offer some better audio quality, more advanced types of microphones, additional features, extra memory space, and much more. People love portable recorders because of the sheer number of tasks they do well. Portable digital audio recorders are designed to be compact, easily transportable, and rugged They’ve got stellar battery life, provide great audio quality, and have awesome features that are useful to any audio engineer. Choosing the right portable recorder is quite easy. You just need to understand what functions you need and what functions are unnecessary.


Portable recorders are divided into simple and more sophisticated devices. The easy-to-use recorders fit in the palm of your hand and have built-in microphones. The more sophisticated devices, which are a bit like regular audio interfaces, may not have built-in microphones, but usually have XLR inputs for advanced audio capabilities. There are also combo versions of recorders with a built-in camera. The larger the device the more likely it is to boast better quality components or features that enable you to capture higher-grade audio. Handheld recorders get better and more powerful every year. There is a big price gap between cheap recorders that do not provide enough quality and professional recorders of acceptable quality.


Many digital audio recorders are made of light-weight plastic, while others have metal casings. Metal casings have several advantages. They tend to be slightly more resistant to falls and breakage. They also reduce hand-held noise when using the built-in microphone.


Today, almost all portable recorders have built-in microphones, which work great and make setup quick and easy. Internal microphones are very convenient, and you don't have to mess around with extra equipment and cables. But as your skills get more advanced, convenience might be less important for you and in the future you may prefer an external microphone. Portable audio recorders come with different audio recording capabilities. For instance, some can only record a single track at a time. But there are also recorders that record several tracks at once.

Storage space

Storage space is a nonissue with most handheld recorders. Almost all handheld recorders are compatible with external SD and SDHC cards that provide storage up to 32GB. Some higher-end models are SDXC card compatible, which allows them to store upward of 128GB of data.

Audio quality

Handheld recorders can record audio at amazing resolutions. They commonly record at 24-bit/92kHz, and some can record audio at rates of 24-bit/192kHz. Cheap voice recorders compress the sound when recording. This reduces the overall quality. Choose a recorder that allows you to record uncompressed sound.


Portable digital recorders require power and unsurprisingly, batteries are the most widely used source of power for portable components. Whether it’s replaceable alkaline batteries, rechargeable lithium or NiMH types, internal rechargeable batteries, or pre-configured battery packs, reliable and long-lasting power is vital. Other options may include USB power, AC adapters, and DC battery packs. Look for a device that offers multiple powering methods if you want the most flexibility.


There are a host of ways to accessorize a portable digital recorder for enhanced performance and convenience. The inevitability of transporting your recorder and exposing it to the elements makes protective waterproof cases and  bags strongly recommended add-ons. Portable digital recorders with onboard microphones benefit from the addition of foam windscreens or furry windbusters, which reduce problematic sounds stemming from wind noise. Expand your recorder’s sonic flexibility with optional microphones such as interchangeable capsules, lapel mics, or miniature plug-on mics. Miscellaneous cables and adapters simplify the task of interconnecting components such as microphones, transmitters, receivers, etc.

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