The MW60SP LED head is ideal for stages, clubs, cafes, bars, restaurants, karaoke bars and outdoor events. Features input power: AC100-240V, 50/60 Hz ..
MARQ Gesture Beam 102 2-sided Moving Head Beam Independent RGBW Color mixing for each side Continuous Pan & Tilt for endless rotation on both axes Wide 3.4° be..
Intimidator Beam LED 350, 8 or 14-channel DMX-512, the LED "head", 2 in one (wash / beam), panorama of 540 °, Tilt 270 °, 8 colors plus white, gobo wheel (5 + 1..

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Chauvet Line Dancer Line Dancer is a compact LED effect light that projects strips of rotating multicolored light and creates mid-air effects that blanket an en..
KOOLLIGHT STAR LED (A-634) LED effect "Moon flower". 84 RGB LEDs, 4 DMX channels, automatic mode, sound activation...

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Stroboscope, power consumption of 1500W, 2-channel, DMX control..
KOOLLIGHT TITAN LED light effect KOOLLIGHT TITAN, power consumption 10W, 3 color, sound activated...
INFERNO light fixture from Showtec company allows you to create the effect of a burning fire. The rear panel has a speed control pattern change. Its power of 30..
KOOLLIGHT LED EYES LED two beams of the first moon flower. 122 (2h56) RGB LEDs. Sound activation. The reason for markdown: The unit was in the store, it has sho..
KOOLLIGHT LEMM Light effect. Equipped with two powerful RGB-LED (9 watts). Controlled via DMX-4 channel. It produces multicolored beams of light...
Perfect SLIM LIGHT The Perfect SLIM LIGHT is an LED ultraviolet panel. Specs LED colors: UV, White LED resource: Up to 50,000 hours Control: Sound activated an..
Perfect MOONSTAR MK3 The Perfect MOONSTAR MK3 is a powerful professional laser with a 450 mW light source. This model supports DMX control. It is possible to wo..

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Perfect FS-6 (GBC) Perfect has specialized for many years in the production of universal lighting and sound equipment. The installations will find application i..

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Perfect FIT-S RGB Perfect has specialized for many years in the production of universal lighting and sound equipment. The installations will find application in..
Perfect LED Dynamica Perfect has specialized for many years in the production of universal lighting and sound equipment. The installations will find application..
Perfect PR-H020 1000w LED strobe The Perfect PR-H020 is a 1000 W intelligent strobe. It is distinguished by exceptional quality, reliability and ease of use. S..
Perfect PR-F066 The Perfect PR-F066 is a 60W LED head. Light source: 4 x 10 W. Controls: DMX, Master/Slave, automatic mode, sound activation. Protection level: ..
Perfect PR-C075 The Perfect PR-C075 is a LED head. Colors: RGBW. Power: 100 W. Number of LEDs: 5. LED power: 15 W. Control: DMX, Master/Slave, automatic mode, s..
Perfect PR-C073 150W LED moving head The Perfect PR-C073 150W is a 150W LED moving  head. Features 50,000 hours lifespan and low power consumption Overheating..
Perfect PR-C067A Pixel control 7* 40W RGBW 4in1 The Perfect PR-C067A is a 320W LED head. Seven LEDs. The power of the LED: 40 W. Device power: 320 W. Service li..
Perfect PR-E028A 18*3W UV leds The Perfect PR-E028A 18*3W UV leds is an LED panel. The UV LED light creates special lighting effects. Specs Color: UV LED light..
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Lighting effects

It is very difficult to imagine modern entertainment without light component. In assortment of our online store are the most relevant and it is all from the most famous brands. 

Gobo projectors – lighting devices wich are projected onto a flat surface of a different image - the original color patterns, company logos, etc. These devices can change the color spectrum of the stream and can rotate the lighting signal. This lighting has been used successfully in creating stage shows, dance floors, and business events.

Ray-effects – devices that are a sphere, hemisphere, cone, or ball with various lenses built into the walls. There is a powerful light source inside such a device. Ray-effects are capable of forming many directed light streams at once. In addition, such a sphere or hemisphere with lenses has a drive and can rotate around the lamp, and it will not be chaotic, but ordered, subject to the sounds of music.

Scanners – a powerful light unit capable of forming a clear powerful beam. Scanners also support the use of gobos and can be projected on the surface of various images. In addition they can be controlled by the protocol DMX512. Devices of this type of professional grade offered a wide range of a variety of lighting effects.

Strobe – a device allows you to play the bright flashes of light. In modern devices it is possible to shift the frequency of blinking lights. Strobe effect allows the human eye to see the extraordinary effect, depending on the set frequency of blinking. Frequent flashes of light in the eyes of a person like slows everything that happens around, especially powerful this effect appears in a large gathering of people dancing.

Buy lighting effects in Musician.UA

You can buy lighting effects in our stores. It is also possible to place an order in the online shop. Thanks to the wide assortment, everyone will find a suitable product for themselves. You can always count on professional advice and assistance. We care about the quality of service and do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.