Effect Generators

The state is working, but there is a defect: the plastic connector is broken at the input of the power cable. And also there are scratches on the case, signs of..
Showtec Atmos B120 Bubble machine The Atmos B-120 is a new addition in the popular Atmos range. The Atmos B-120 is a compact but versatile Bubble Machine for sm..
KOOLLIGHT SNOW-1200 Powerful snow generator. Power: 1200 watts. Snow Output: 50m. Throwing up to 7 meters. The liquid capacity: 5L. Control: DMX, wired remote c..

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Djpower H-9 Djpower H-9 is a professional special auxiliary equipment, the shell adopted sturdy metal materials, firm and durable. Adjustable wind speed, win..

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Djpower V-3 The Spark machine produces a fantastic, non-hazardous effect that looks like traditional fireworks or pyrotechnics, adopting brand-new control syste..
Djpower Snow-1250 Djpower Snow-1250 is a high output snow machine with user-friendly volume adjustment included via the included wired remote, built-in DMX. Sno..
Djpower DF-V9C Hot seller for more than 10 years! Newfunction of no-fluid protection! Anti-aging treatment for PCB to support lowfailure rate! Features Advanc..
Djpower DC-2 СО2 Use CO2 as power to blow confetti to air, the machine has special design to shipping more confetti for better effect. Perfect design and strong..
Djpower X-5.1 Handheld CO2 Gun produces thick white atmospheric column via high pressure liquid carbon dioxide. Specs Output Distance: 6-8 m Control: Manual co..
Djpower POPO-1000Y The Djpower POPO-1000Y with dual wands and fans creates enormous quantities of big bubbles while also creating an updraft allowing the bubble..
Perfect PR-M005 1500w fog machine DMX control Perfect has specialized for many years in the production of universal lighting and sound equipment. The installati..
Reason for discount: The product does not work, it is sold as a case. Smoke generator. Power - 700 Watts. Warm-up time - 4.5 minutes. Smoke Out - 100 cubic m..
MARQ FOG 400 LED Quick-Ready™ Water-based Fog Machine 400W fogger Wired push-button remote for user activation Powder-coated housing color for unique look (red..
The Hurricane Series Foggers provide the quality, performance and innovation for which Chauvet is known. All come with generous-capacity tanks and quick heat up..
The CHAUVET DJ Bubble King is the largest name in bubble effects, featuring 3 double wands, a manual bubble button, and extremely high output. When you need bub..
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Effect Generators

Effect generators

Special effects generators are devices whose purpose is to create a natural and man-made effects for events.

A mist generator (Heiser) – a device with which it is possible to obtain a light mist with which the light beams are clearly visible. It creates the effect of a light transparent fog. Unlike smoke machines, these devices do not have heating elements. The principle of their work is a powerful compressor spraying a special liquid under high pressure. Compared with the cheap fog machine, Hazer are more economical and efficient.

Generators "heavy smoke" – a device producing a dense smoke that travel along the floor. Used to smoke a scene or a dance floor. The main parameters of the smoke effects are the density and uniformity of the smoke, as they quite difficult to obtain with the help of a smoke machine due to drafts, ventilation system and others. This is the reason for lung smoke used Heyzer, and for the local filling space used "heavy smoke ". Both the first and second cars have cooling units and fans. Smoke machine with air compressor, are quite noisy devices. If noise during operation of the smoke machine is unacceptable, it is necessary to select the smoke machine with another type of compressor. It is also better to choose a fog machine with aluminum thermocouple, as the fuser steel heats and cools more slowly. Using a variety of liquid, you can get a variety of effects range from mild Dissolving Smoke (mist) to thick dense smoke (fog) the effect of the slow dispersal.

Wind generator – a device that is used to create special effects, as well as a device injecting air into the inflatable tube, from which you can make a figure which, when pumping the air will move as if they are dancing.

Confetti machine called a device which scatters the confetti various colors and shapes on a certain range, depending on the model. Besides such machine may scatter variety of content, such as a paper snow, confetti, and other metal.

The fire generator produces an artificial fire flames which can burn, has no smell and does not leave the smoke. Choosing the right gel can adjust the density of flames and color.

Generators of snow and foam refers to a very specific devices and produces dry and light particles, which are very easy to wash off. Most often, these devices are used at the disco to "foam" or "covered with snow" dancing. But not only: the performance of the musical group in the foam looks very bright and can make an impression on the audience.

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