Clean & Care

Odyssey OFK Flute care kit Odyssey OFK includes: polish cloth, multi-purpose duster brush, 2 x rod cloths, care guide...
Yamaha Trumpet Valve Protector (vinil) The Yamaha AVP-V trumpet valve casing protector, made from vinyl with velco fixing points, offers extra grip when holding..
Yamaha Trumpet Valve Protector (leather) Crafted of black Verona full-grain leather. Soft Velvoa liner with waterproof 210 Denier Nylon barrier for perspiration..
Yamaha TR-M.KIT J01 Trumpet maintenanse kit Yamaha TR-M.KIT J01 includes: Oil valves Flexible brush Valve brush Mouthpiece brush Polishing cloth Instructions f..
Yamaha SL-M.KIT J01 Trombone maintenanse kit Yamaha SL-M.KIT J01 includes: Tuning slide grease The lubricant for the main scenes Flexible brush Mouthpiece brus..
Yamaha Tone Hole Cleaner As dust and oil collect in your toneholes, the intonation of woodwinds can be comprimsed. Use yhe Yamaha tonehole cleaner to have your ..
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Rico RSMPAKASX The Rico Smart pak for alto saxophone contains all of the essential accessories the beginner needs to start making music right away. The perfect ..
Herco by Dunlop HE92 Chemically-treated, double nap flannel cloth used for cleaning and polishing all silver and silver-plated musical instruments...
Herco by Dunlop HE58 A combination of two types of brushes on a flexible spring specifically designed for cleaning saxophone necks. One end is a cotton swab, th..
Yamaha SAX-M.KIT J01 Saxophone maintenance kit Yamaha includes: Cleaning swab Mouthpiece brush Polishing cloth Cork grease Tone hole cleaner Pad paper Care and..

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Yamaha Rotor Spindle Oil Yamaha rotor spindle oil is a synthetic blend created specifically for use on the exposed ends of rotary valve shafts (underneath the v..

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Yamaha Powder Paper Essential for maintaining your wind instrument, Yamaha's Powder Paper is placed between your instrument's body and key pads to absorb moistu..
Yamaha Polishing Cloth L This large polishing cloth will help keep the shine on the surface of your instrument and should be considered to be an essential item ..
Yamaha Polishing Gauze S Made from 100% woven cotton, this small polishing gauze will help keep the shine on your instrument. Ideal for using with Yamaha's Lacq..
Yamaha Polishing Gauze L Made from 100% woven cotton, this large polishing gauze will help keep the shine on your instrument. Ideal for using with Yamaha's Lacq..
Herco by Dunlop HE96 Polishing Cloth An all-purpose impregnated cloth that cleans, polishes and waxes almost anything. Ideal for cleaning and polishing all meta..
Yamaha Neck Brush for Saxophone Designed to clean the inside of a saxophone neck (or crook), this plastic covered flexible rod has a wire brush at one end, for ..
Yamaha Mouthpiece Cleaner Use Yamaha's Mouthpiece Cleaner to disinfect and sterilise both brass and woodwind instrument mouthpieces. Use this handy spray bottle..
Yamaha Mouthpiece Brush S This small mouthpiece brush from Yamaha is ideal for removing dirt and grime from inside trumpet, cornet, french horn and other small ..

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Yamaha Metal Polish Use Yamaha's Metal Polish to remove dirt from nickel-plated and unlacquered brass finishes to improve the lustre of your instrument...
Yamaha MKO Yamaha synthetic key oil is a special proprietary blend designed for use on woodwind key rods and pivot points, with a corrosion inhibitor that gives..
Yamaha FL-M.KIT J01 Yamaha's maintenance kit for Flute & Piccolo contains the following: polishing cloth, silver polish cloth, polishing gauze, cleaning paper f..

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Yamaha LKO Yamaha synthetic key oil is a special proprietary blend designed for use on woodwind key rods and pivot points, with a corrosion inhibitor that gives..
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Clean & Care

Take care of your wind instruments

Can you think of a single musical instrument that functions its best when you don't clean it and care for it? Of course not! Every musical instrument needs care to keep it looking and sounding great. 

While all musical instruments need regular care and cleaning to function properly, wind instruments require special care because of their fragility. All professional woodwind musicians agree that an instrument should be cleaned at least once a day. Cleaning includes removing any moisture inside the instrument and using a mouthpiece brush dipped in warm soapy water to scrub off dust and residue. Swabs are another essential woodwind cleaning tool. They are a simple solution to keep your wind instruments playing smoothly. 

Wind instrument maintenance and cleaning kits are very easy to find in today's music market. They contain everything you need to make wind instruments look, sound and play great. Wind instrument care kits are offered by all the most famous and respected brands. These kits contain essential accessories such as rags, brushes, swabs, lubricants and polishes for cleaning. "Care & maintenance" manuals are also included to guide musicians through the cleaning process. However it should be noted that if any specific issues can't be resolved with a care and cleaning kit it's always in a player's best interest to bring their instrument to a certified repair technician.

Buy care products for wind instruments in Musician.UA

You can buy care and cleaning products for wind instruments in our stores. It is also possible to place an order in the online shop. Delivery is carried out all over Ukraine. Thanks to the wide assortment, everyone will find a suitable product for themselves. You can always count on professional advice and assistance. We care about the quality of service and do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.