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Digital Wind Instruments

EWI – what is it?

There aren’t many electronic wind instrument (EWI) choices out there. Not very long ago, the electronic wind category instrument did not exist. It was invented by Nyle Steiner, who conceptualized the idea in the 1960s, and developed the first working models in the 1970s. To be honest, not enough people appreciate the instrument’s many wonderful attributes. It is not a direct alternative to classical wind instruments, but it is not necessary. EWIs are electronic copies of acoustic wind instruments such as saxophone, clarinet, French horn or trumpet. Electronic wind instruments were created to be the perfect blend of classic and modern tones and sounds. These unique devices are still controlled by the musician but come with an impressive array of options.

Features and benefits

Modern EWIs can be switched to flute, oboe and saxophone fingering modes. The EWI has a silicone mouthpiece with sensors for air and bite pressure. It also requires substantially less breath control than an acoustic instrument. Breath sensitivity is one of the parameters that can be adjusted to the player's preference. This is an important feature and one most people look for to achieve the natural playability that sax players, for example, are used to. An inbuilt wind sensor actually detects the pressure at which you blow on the instrument and uses it change the timbre and volume you play at. On some models the mouthpiece also has a vibrato sensor. You can produce vibrato by gently biting on the mouthpiece. This is a feature that the saxophone does not have. As such, having a way to mute your instrument so you can continue your practice whenever you want is going to help you improve your craft. 

In the hands of a skilful player, the EWI can produce sounds hardly distinguishable from those coming from a trumpet or sax. Even though the stock sounds on some EWIs do allow for some flexibility there is generally no room to create your own sounds. But the stock sounds on some are very good. With 80+ sounds available on most models, it may be a while before you have to consider hooking up an external sound module. The truth is you have to invest time in learning your instrument before you can get the sound you want from it. So can you create your own sounds? Not really. But there is a lot you can do with the cool features at your disposal to inject some emotion and expression to enrich and to put a personal stamp on the sound you produce on your EWI. For example, pitch bending allows you to adjust the pitch of the note you are currently playing.

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