Electronic Drum Sets

Hayman DD-105 The Hayman DD-105 is ideal for the novice and intermediate drummer from the age 5 and up. The Hayman DD-105 grows with your child! The he..
Carlsbro CSD130 Compact, easy and very easy to use electronic drum set. Functional includes: the ability to fine tune the overall sound, response, sensitivit..
Incredible timbres Samples for Yamaha DTX8K-M - created with extraordinary detail, because the sound of each drum is recorded with crystal clarity and he..
The Carlsbro CSD210 8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit features. 15 user drum kits, 26 preset drum kits, 458 quality percussion voices 3 band EQ, 3 ambiences and 2 rev..
Roland TD1K V-Drums quality for practice, learning, and fun Roland’s V-Drums are the world’s most popular electronic drums for one reason: they’re the best. Ble..
Roland V-Drums are the world’s most popular electronic drums, thanks to their powerful sound, great playing feel and legendary durability. And if you thin..
Yamaha DTX402K The drumming that you saw on TV, and the drumming that drives a million people wild– everything starts with giving it a try. Sounds that..
Roland VAD503 Looking for a drum kit that looks like an acoustic but has all the features and comfort of an electronic one? The VAD503 is exactly what you ne..
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Electronic Drum Sets

Digital drum kits: the art and the progress

Everything in our universe is permeated with the vibration. Space waves create a unique pulsation of the universe, which affects every cell of it. Once - and, as by moving of an invisible director's stick, appears tender shoot. Two - and he turns into a flower. Three - and there are juicy fruits. Four - and the plant are again immersed in a sweet dream... This is the rhythm of life. Did you try to feel the creator and create something similar with your own hands?

Electronic drum kits - Musician

Our distant ancestors invented the first ever musical instrument – a drum. First, they created sounds by striking their chest. Later, they invented to pull the animal skin on hollow objects and beat on it. The drum has passed through many things: ritual ceremonies, mass marches, transmission of messages during military campaigns. Finally, thousands of years later, he became a full participant in the musical actions.

Digital drum kit in its current form has evolved over the twentieth century. But the starting point was the invention of Gene Krupa: in the mid-30s of the last century, he designed the system, including the bass drum, snare drum, toms, cymbals and bells. The advent of an Electric guitar and development of electronics pushed the engineers to the creation of the first Digital Drum kits. More information you can find at Musician.UA.

So, what is the most important?

Scientists have established that the sound of the drums has the greatest impact on the human body due to their highly concentrated ripple effect. They affect both the psycho-emotional state of a person and its physical characteristics. This musical instrument will help you to know yourself and most deeply unleash your creativity. Some therapists even use the drums during medical procedures. It not so long ago was a proven link between the amount of alpha waves, which arise as a consequence of human presence in high spirits, and playing the drums: after the 20 minutes of listening drums, their number doubles. Drum rhythm even able to regulate the work of the heart and respiratory system. If frankly, who did not want to play as John Bonham, the legendary drummer of «Led Zeppelin», or Keith Moon of «The Who»? Digital drums come in handy in this case!

They have a lot of hidden features and characteristics, which are not limited by the borders of musical industry. Drum gives a chance to feel the full control over musical process. Like heart it sets the rhythm for all around. If you want not just to play by your rules, but also setting the tone for the rest, then Digital drums – it is what you need. You can buy it via Musician.UA.

Buy Digital drums: the right choice

Digital, training and other kinds of drums and percussion are waiting for you at Musician stores.

Our shop is characterized by a unique range and the presence of only original products. We do not save on the quality of goods and thoroughly check its specifications. We are closely following novelties and regularly adding it to our product range.

This gives us the opportunity to become your trusted guide and advisor in the wonderful world of rhythm. In addition, Musician.UA offers a variety of payment options, including payment installments. The most important our advantage is that we value and love each customer, ready to listen to all his wishes and deliver the goods to any part of Ukraine.

Listen to your heart and feel its rhythm, try to play this rhythm with your body. Do you feel the magic? If in your chest beats the heart of the true drummer, "Musician" with pleasure will help you to find your instrument!