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Ukraine, Kyiv, Solom'yans'ka, 5, 1-d floor

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10:00 - 19:00 (7 days of week) only online.

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Musician store, Kyiv

Ukraine, Kyiv, Solom'yans'ka, 5, 1-d floor

10:00 - 19:00 (7 days of week)

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Musician store, Lviv

Lviv, st. Modesta Mentsinsky, 3

10:00 - 19:00 (Mon-Sun)

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“Musician” the musical instruments store

Welcome to the web page of musical instruments store №1 in Ukraine!

Here you can buy the necessary musical equipment, not even leaving home (ordered goods will be delivered to any point of Ukraine safe and sound). Or you can choose and buy musical instrument personally with the professional help of our counselors. ”Musician” is not only the online store; we have net of offline shops in Kyiv and Odessa.

Guitar, synthesizer, saxophone or drum set, violin, ukulele and professional sound equipment from leading manufacturers – all this can be found here. We are official distributor of world famous brands like EBS, Arturia, Fernandes, Lag, Lewitt, Premier, DR, Hora, Orla, FL-Studio, Gemini, StarSticks, Prodipe, Bespeco, Source Audio and many other.

Even if you need a musical product, which is not represented in Ukraine, we will be able to perform a special order - you only need to tell us about it! 

We also provide additional services: specialists of Service Center will help to fix any malfunctions. Purchased musical instruments will be always in good condition: “Musician” provides full warranty and post-warranty service. In addition, the company provides full range of installation activities for clubs, disco, bars, karaoke and so on.

We do not just love music - we live by music and since 2000 try to do everything possible to extend music in this world!