Neumann KMS 105 Condenser Soloists Microphone The KMS 105 has been developed for the optimal transmission of the human voice, making it the first thomann choice..
OVERVIEW Presence all the way to the peaks. The e 945 renders the natural sounds of the voice in particularly forceful colors. Its extraordinary presence and fu..
More focus. More presence. Maximum focus, enhanced presence: the e 845 delivers differences you can hear. Its expanded high frequency range creates space for de..

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Audio Equipment,Microphones & Wireless,Microphones Vocal Microphone E 835-S 004514 Sennheiser..
Vocal Microphone AUDIX OM7 The OM7 is used by professional sound companies, front of house and mixing engineers as well as high profile fixed installations. The..
Audio Equipment,Microphones & Wireless,Microphones Vocal Microphone AUDIX OM6 OM6 Audix..

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OVERVIEW The advantages of high-end studio and stage microphones are perfectly combined in the e 965: high-resolution, multifaceted sound supplemented by high f..
Neumann M 147 Tube The M 147 Tube is a vacuum tube condenser microphone with cardioid characteristic. At the heart of this microphone is the K47 dual diaphragm ..
Studio microphone, adjustable XH (omnidirectional, cardioid, pressure gradient), double gold-plated 1.08 "gold-plated diaphragm, the frequency range of 20-20,00..
Audio Equipment,Microphones & Wireless,Microphones Studio Condenser, Microphone AUDIX CX112B CX112B Audix..
Studio Condenser, Microphone ADX51 The ADX51 is a professional pre-polarized condenser microphone used for stage, studio and broadcast applications. The ADX51 i..
Neumann KMR 81i The KMR 81 is a shotgun microphone with a high directivity that remains within the acceptance angle independent of the thomann frequency. The ad..
OVERVIEW A brilliant all-rounder for demanding tasks. The e 914 is a condenser microphone of the superior class with a full-bodied sound and excellent dynamics...
Neumann KM 184/KM 184 stereo set Because of KM 184's optimized mechanical construction and conscious omission of modularity, which is unnecessary in many cases,..

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OVERVIEW Its balanced frequency range qualifies the e 935 for songs of every genre. It clearly gives the voice more space and positions it cleanly in front of l..
Sennheiser E 908 D Solid, focused and precisely positionable. The high-end sound of a condenser microphone is combined with the features of professional stage e..
OVERVIEW Solid, focused and precisely positionable. The high-end sound of a condenser microphone is combined with the features of professional stage equipment t..
Audio Equipment,Microphones & Wireless,Microphones Microphone Sennheiser E 908 B 500203 Sennheiser..
Audio Equipment,Microphones & Wireless,Microphones Microphone Sennheiser E 906 500202 Sennheiser..
OVERVIEW Full of sound – full of life. With its consistent frequency response, the e 904 creates a sound that is as transparent as it is harmonic and that can b..
OVERVIEW A balanced kick sound to set and forget. The e 901 is a rugged boundary microphone that handles high sound pressure levels extraordinarily well. Tailor..
Neumann U 89 i The U 89 i is a studio microphone for universal applications. The headgrille protects a dual-diaphragm capsule. A rotary switch below the headgri..
Neumann U 87 Ai The readers of the SOUND ON SOUND magazine have voted: U 87 Ai - the BEST MICROPHONE, announced during the Winter NAMM show 2012 in Anaheim, Cal..
Audio Equipment,Microphones & Wireless,Microphones Large Diaphragm Microphone Neumann TLM 193 Large Diaphragm Microphone Neumann TLM 193 008381 Neumann..
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Microphone - electric device that transforms sound vibrations in to electricity signal.

Dynamic microphone - the most common type of microphone. It is a membrane connected to the light and thin conductor which is placed in a strong magnetic field generated by the permanent magnet. When the conductor crosses the magnetic field lines, its born in it the driving force of induction induction (EMF). Induced emf is proportional to the amplitude of the oscillation of the membrane and the oscillation frequency.

Ribbon microphones - in dynamic microphone instead of a belt-type coil in a magnetic field is a corrugated strip of aluminum foil. This microphone is used mainly in recording studios.

Condenser microphone is based on the capacitor, one plate of which is made of an elastic material (usually - the polymer film is coated with metallization). These microphones have a very uniform frequency response and provide high-quality audio capture, and therefore widely used in recording studios, radio and television.