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Kangaba K-KAL "Kangaba is the historic capital of the Mandingo Empire, located 90 kilometers from Bamako to the Guinean border. Kangaba instruments are all prod..
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The kalimba is a simple instrument that utilizes metal tines fixed onto a sounding board to produce a nice soothing sound with relaxing rhythmic tones. While the precise country of origin is not known, the kalimba definitely comes from Africa. It is generally thought that it originated in southern Africa. It has also been found in early use in South America and the Caribbean. The Kalimba has a rich history, and it is thought to date back to at least 3000 years in Africa.

Kalimbas are often handmade and can have anywhere from 5 keys to 21 keys to play with. The key thing to keep in mind is that the more keys/tines you have on the kalimba, the more chords you have to work with. Having more chords to work with widens your list of songs to play and allows you to have more freedom to musically experiment. Of course, the more keys your kalimba has, the bigger the instrument will be. If size and portability is an important factor for your kalimba purchase, then we recommend you look at options with fewer keys.

Consider the kind of wood, number of tines or keys, and the tuning as you choose a kalimba for you. Traditional kalimbas are made with African hardwood, usually kiaat, which is a protected tree in some countries. Mahogany is another popular wood for kalimba construction, as is bamboo, acacia koa, spruce and sandalwood. Each tonewood offers a unique sound. Beginners find that fewer choices can make for easier playing, but a kalimba is not difficult, and many come with instructional manuals or discs. Even non-musicians can start picking out tunes in a short while. Many kalimbas come tuned to a standard scale, usually C or G.Kalimbas can also be tuned to alternate scales to suit the music. Most come with a tuning hammer. There are kalimbas on the market with electronic pick-ups that allow you to connect them to an amplifier for recording or performance purposes.

The biggest challenge with playing the kalimba is the unusual note layout. This can make playing simple scales more complex, as the numbers that follow from one another are not arranged sequentially. However, you will find that in terms of picking up and making a nice tune, the kalimba is relatively straight forward once you grasp this basic concept. The small size, simplicity to learn, and attractive appearance make this a perfect instrument for anyone to learn if they want to bring a little music to parties, events, and gatherings. It even looks great hanging on the wall as an ornament!

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