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Stroboscope, power consumption of 1500W, 2-channel, DMX control..
Perfect PR-H020 1000w LED strobe The Perfect PR-H020 is a 1000 W intelligent strobe. It is distinguished by exceptional quality, reliability and ease of use. S..
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Strobe – a device allows you to play the bright flashes of light. In modern devices it is possible to shift the frequency of blinking lights. Strobe effect allows the human eye to see the extraordinary effect, depending on the set frequency of blinking. Frequent flashes of light in the eyes of a person like slows everything that happens around, especially powerful this effect appears in a large gathering of people dancing. Strobe lights offered at our online store, are a great option for playback of outbreaks of different frequencies using a pulsed light source.

As a rule, professional concert or disco lighting used than individual devices and whole set. For example, a spotlight, a pair of diode lasers and strobes. To meet modern standards of coverage, you must use only high-quality equipment, which is not always available in stores and has an associated cost. For the organization of the event have to take care of many things, so every penny counts. Reduce financial costs and do not waste time will help you rent a stroboscope. A popular equipment for lighting design and scenic sites are disco strobe. The models differ in capacity, frequency of flares and other design features.

Strobes, usually referred to as monolights, are available in powers ranging from 1-10 to 1500 W. The power determines the distance over which you can use the unit, although many models have an adjustable output to reduce light intensity for close-ups. Light sources include halogen, LED, and xenon flash lamps. There are a full selection of stands and mounting booms to position studio lights for maximum effect, indoors and outdoors.

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