Drumsticks, Brushes, Rods

StarSticks HoRnbeam SD2 (G4) Selected Wood - Ukrainian hornbeam. For the production of this series drumsticks, the technologists selected the most dense parts o..

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Yamaha ME105 Designed especially for students, the Educational series provides an ideal combination of weight and balance perfectly suited for younger players. ..
Vic Firth Titan 5B An advanced aerospace-grade carbon fiber composite provides the ultimate marriage of durability and playability. Characteristics Length: 16..
Drums & Percussion Instruments,Drumsticks, Brushes, Rods,Orchestral Drumsticks Drumsticks Vic Firth Tim Genis Leggiero VF-0456 Vic Firth..
Vic Firth Tim Genis General Drumsticks Vic Firth Tim Genis General for Symphonic Snare. Designed with great balance to cover all aspects of concert snare drummi..
Vic Firth TG15 Snare A general snare stick with a round tip. Characteristics Diameter: 0,625" (1,59 cm) Length: 42,07 cm Material: Maple Surface coating: Lacqu..
Vic Firth Symphonic Snare Ted Atkatz Long taper for great control and clarity at all dynamic levels. Persimmon provides the ideal density and weight for a conce..
Vic Firth SHO5B Our classic 5B design, crafted in Japanese white oak. For the 5B player looking for a denser stick with more power and articulation. Characteri..
Drums & Percussion Instruments,Drumsticks, Brushes, Rods,Drumsticks Drumsticks Vic Firth SHO5A VF-0408 Vic Firth..
Vic Firth SD9 Driver Oval tip. A favorite for jazz. Characteristics Diameter: 1,55 cm Length: 41,28 cm Material: Maple Surface coating: Lacquer Type: Wood Shap..
Vic Firth SD7 Whacker For jazz and small group. Nylon tip for great cutting power on the cymbals. Characteristics Diameter: 0,590" (1,5 cm) Length: 16" (40,64 ..
Vic Firth SD4 Combo Barrel tip. Light and fast for jazz quartet or chamber music. Characteristics Diameter: 1,38 cm Length: 40,32 cm Material: Maple Surface c..
Vic Firth SD2 Bolero Round tip. Ideal for light orchestral and pit playing. Characteristics Diameter: 1,61 cm Length: 40,01 cm Material: Maple Surface coating:..
Vic Firth SD12 Swizzle General An SD1 General with a hard, spun felt ball attached to the butt end. Ideal for fast changes on cymbals. Characteristics Diameter..
Vic Firth SD1 General Round tip. Ideal for orchestral work, rock and band. A legendary practice stick. Characteristics Diameter: 0,635" (1,61 cm) Length: 41,59..
Vic Firth Rock Vic Grip All the power of our American Classic Rock model, with a slip-resistant grip. Characteristics Diameter: 1,6 cm Length: 42,23 cm Materia..
Vic Firth Extreme Rock Nylon Bright cymbal sounds and tip duribility for those who like the power of our Rock model. Characteristics Diameter: 1,6 cm Length: 4..
Vic Firth Extreme 7A Nylon Nylon tip offers the 7A player a brighter color on cymbals. Characteristics Diameter: 1,37 cm Length: 39,37 cm Material: Hickory Sur..
Vic Firth Extreme 5B Vic Grip Our classic Extreme 5B with slip-resistant Vic Grip for superior hold. Characteristics Diameter: 1,51 cm Length: 41,91 cm Materia..
Vic Firth Extreme 5B Nylon Like the 5BN, with more power and reach. Characteristics Diameter: 1,51 cm Length: 41,91 cm Material: Hickory Surface coating: Lacq..
Drums & Percussion Instruments,Drumsticks, Brushes, Rods,Drumsticks Drumsticks Vic Firth Extreme 5A Nylon VF-0510 Vic Firth..
Drums & Percussion Instruments,Drumsticks, Brushes, Rods,Drumsticks Drumsticks Vic Firth American Classic Specialty 5A Barrel Tip VF-0521 Vic Firth..
Vic Firth American Classic ROCK For those who appreciate the 2B, but want a little more reach and leverage! Oval tip for a full sound. Characteristics Diameter..
Vic Firth American Classic Metal A bold stick for aggressive playing. Long and thick for added reach and power! Characteristics Diameter: 0,635" (1,61 cm) Leng..
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Drumsticks, Brushes, Rods

Drumsticks and brushes used to play percussion instruments (drums).

Usually, drum sticks are made of wood, but there are also models made entirely or partially of synthetic material - polyurethane, and carbon.

Drumsticks with cylindrical shape heads have a greater contact area with the surface of tools and provide a more open and diffuse sound. Pointed head are the most popular. It gives an average of the focus sound. Nylon heads are quite popular, as virtually no wear and give a crystal, a distinct sound. The main disadvantage of nylon heads is their most expensive then drumsticks with wood heads as they can fly off the stick during a game or, crack easily. 

The thickness of the rods of drumstick affects the sound. All brands use the same numbering system.

7A - thin and light. They betray the drums more orchestral sound, but rarely used for playing rudiments (for this fit thicker sticks). This format is used sticks novice drummers playing in a jazz style.
5A - thicker than 7A. They are well suited for hard rock and heavy metll. These sticks are quite universal and suitable for any style.
5B - thick sticks. Often they used to play in rock style.
2B - extra thick stick format. Used to play the style of heavy metll.
To play for orchestral drums and other percussion instruments, used special sticks with an enlarged head.

In jazz, blues and swing is common to use a brush. Twig on the drum brush can be metal or plastic, and the handle is usually - wood or aluminum with a rubber or plastic coating. Brushes are retractable, then the length protruding from the handle of the fan sticks can be adjusted: to make them shorter and more rigid, or remove altogether, to ensure the safety of them after the game. From the opposite end of this brush sticks has a metal rod bent into a loop to form a ring or a triangle. Brushes give the drums a more elegant, crisp, "polite" sound than sticks.