Drum Modules

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Drum Modules

Drum modules

The drum module is the brain of any electronic drum kit. It is the most crucial part as it converts your drum strokes into the music you hear. It is essential to choose the right drum module for your kit as a bad one can ruin your drumming experience. The drum module used as the central processing unit and sound storage for an electronic kit. It creates, stores, and alters the various sounds selected by the drummer. The module cannot play any sounds, but it sends the signals to the speakers that play the sound. In addition to being used as the central piece in an electronic kit, drum modules are being increasingly used to convert acoustic kits into hybrid kits that combine the best of both worlds.

You should purchase the best module to maximize your skills. However, you are likely to miss the mark if you overlook certain elements. In response, you should give it a systematic approach. You can examine the module by using the below elements. They will provide you with an edge when acquiring your suitable device.

Drum Modules 

Sample library

The sample library controls the real sound that the pads produce. The lower spectrum will have less than 100 sounds. The high end will exceed 1000 sounds. Suppose you want a beginner kit, pick low samples to overcome confusion. If you are a professional drummer, settle for a higher number. High-end kits will allow one to import custom samples. It should also enable the user to create designate custom presets. 

Pad materials 

Pads can come from different materials. Rubber pads are ideal in absorbing volume. Furthermore, they will register a decent impact on the strike. Rubber happens to be an affordable and durable option. Rubber is dense, so perfect in volume reduction. As such, it is safe to use it while practicing at home. However, you will require much effort to strike and produce a sound. Other materials will behave differently. 

Number of pieces

The number of pieces refers to the total components in the drum set. The standard ones have eight pieces. They are one kick drum, a snare drum, three atoms, and a ride cymbal. Also, it has the hi-hats and a crash cymbal. The kit will become more expensive if it has more pieces. Also, more pieces will guarantee you better performance. 

Number of response zones

A high number of electronic kits will feature pads. As a result, they will have a single response zone. Such a design implies that it will release the same volume regardless of where you hit the pad. High-end kits may have two response zones. They allow the user to create different drumming styles. It is an advanced feature that can be troublesome to novice drummers. 

Input /output options

Electronic drum kits do not have speakers. You may need a pair of headphones, an amp, and a computer. They have a headphone jack to facilitate your listening. There re MIDI port will connect the kit to different devices.  Also, a kit will feature varying output options. You can use the USB port if you want more complex recordings.

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