Electronic Percussions, Pads, Triggers

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Training pad snare drum, 20 cm (8"). Differs uncompromising strength and low cost. It is made of hard rubber ..
Set of rubber pads for noiseless lessons acoustic drum kit. Options: pad on the bass drum (for bass drum of any diameter). Pads for volumes: 12 "-13" ..
NATURAL TRIGGERING WITH DOUBLE PEDAL SUPPORT 14-inch V-Kick features an enlarged bass-drum head and solid-metal frame for a secure, natural feel. Drummers will ..
OUR MOST SENSITIVE V-PADS EVER! How do you improve upon the world’s most popular electronic percussion pads? Start by designing a brand new sensor mechanism for..
NATURAL TRIGGERING WITH DOUBLE PEDAL SUPPORT Roland’s time-tested KD-120 is the top-of-line V-Kick Trigger Pad. This 12" V-Kick offers natural and comfortable k..
THE ROCK-SOLID, FAST-ACTION PAD For toms and hi-hat, Roland includes the newly created PD-8 rubber pads with dual-trigger support for playing rim shots and bow/..
Drum triggers from Roland are the music professionals' choice! The brand offers only high quality materials and high level durability. The RT-30K trigger ha..
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Electronic Percussions, Pads, Triggers

Electronic drums, pads, triggers

Modern drummers live in interesting times. Electronics is evolving every year, modern technology gives us new materials, music changes every year, constantly improving and bringing something new to our picture of the world.

Electronic drums have long been popular because of affordable prices and the ability to learn at home without conflicts with neighbors. They are much quieter than acoustic drums. However, you can't call them completely silent. When playing in headphones, others hear only the knock on the pedals, and it is much less loud. All electronic drums use a certain mechanical impulse to convert it into sound. This impulse comes from a blow with a stick on a special surface. In electronic drums, the pulse is converted into an electrical signal using a special sensor - a trigger. The trigger, which is built directly into the electronic drum, is called a ped.

Pads for electronic drum set are an important and interesting question. Each company makes ped in its own way, using more and more new technical advances. The main things to pay attention to are the material of the work surface (where they hit) and the zoning of the pads. So far, this material often looks like rubber. Although recently appear in the affordable price range and other options for the desktop.


Music is becoming as accessible as possible, because everyone can now buy electronic drums, pads and triggers in Kyiv. Get creative freedom, and it will help you in this «Musician»!