String Winders

This proprietary wrench helps remove bridge studs.This, “opener of a bottle " has an ergonomic design, and most importantly, completely eliminates the potential..
The key for winding strings Dunlop Stringwinder 105 Refill, fluorescent (12p in the display) (per 1 piece)..
The key for winding Roadpro Bass string, here special steel axis rapid rotation which  provides uniform rotation, eliminating unpleasant beats. Robust design an..
The key for winding strings Dunlop Stringwinder 105 Refill, Black (12pcs in display) (per 1 piece)..
Reliable ergonomic design Turbotune Peg Winder allows you to quickly replace the strings on acoustic, classical, electric and even bass guitars. Stringbender ma..
Essential news for musicians - keys for winding strings from Dunlop RoadPro will allow you to quickly and simply change strings on a guitar. Special steel axis ..
Dunlop DGT03 System 65 Uni-Wrench The Dunlop Uni-Wrench can adjust nearly every nut on your guitar or bass, even the round ones, thanks to the exceptional gr..
The key for winding strings, wire cutters,for bass guitar tuning pegs . Technical characteristic: the key for winding strings. with the wire cutters. for bass ..
Unlike ordinary keys, the patented Planet Waves allows not only to quickly winding strings but to cut them pliers, to pull the strings and take out bridge pins ..
The key for winding strings Dunlop Stringwinder 105 Refill, Yellow (12p in the display) (per 1 piece)..
The key for winding strings Dunlop Stringwinder 101 Gel (50pcs in display) (per 1 piece)..
Maxtone GWC15 Colors: Red, blue, transparent Material: Plastic ..
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String Winders

Handy string change tools

To change strings on your guitar quickly and effortlessly, be sure to buy string winders. With its help you will always save your time – especially in case of unforeseen situations at a concert, when you need to change strings as quickly as possible. If you often change strings on your guitar, then such type of tool is necessary for you.

We have string winders in different colors and sizes, also for bass guitars. Also look out for multifunction tools with a string cutter and a special thing that allows you to pull the pins out of the guitar bridge. Such a tool will be useful for every guitarist. This type of tool will be useful for every guitarist. In this section you can find string winders from brands such as D'Andrea, Dunlop, Planet Waves, etc.

Buy string winders in Musician.UA

You can buy string winders in our stores. It is also possible to place an order in the online shop. Delivery is carried out all over Ukraine. Thanks to the wide assortment, everyone will find a suitable product for themselves. You can always count on professional advice and assistance. We care about the quality of service and do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.