Digital Harpsichords

From solo performance to ensemble playing, the C-30 provides the perfect sound and touch for baroque music. Enjoy the best of both worlds — a new-generati..
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Digital Harpsichords

Digital harpsichords: modern solutions and classic sound

The harpsichord as an independent instrument appeared several centuries ago. It had a rather specific sound, which differed from the piano in its peculiar sound range, short sounding notes and a special, relatively poor timbre. Despite this, the harpsichord has firmly taken its place in the list of unique instruments. Modern digital harpsichords are designed to perform baroque classics and are often combined with electronic organs, which greatly enhances the performance possibilities. Such musical instruments have a number of improvements, advantages and innovations compared to their classical counterparts:

  • Expanded sound range due to multiple timbres
  • Built-in rhythms and accompaniments for performing solo parts
  • Elegant and compact housing
  • Built-in special effects: chorus, deelay, reverb, flanger, phaser, and so on
  • Jacks (inputs and outputs) for connecting a variety of control pedals, headphones, amplifiers and analog tape recorders for recording songs
  • Active hammer action keyboard that is pressure-sensitive for a full acoustic experience
  • Simulation of the sound of various instruments
  • Switching to the lute register with the characteristic "nose" sound
  • The ability to download new presets and record songs via MIDI and USB using computers and other digital storage devices
  • Built-in metronome (different number of beats per minute) that allows you to adjust the rhythm and beat breakdown for different scores
  • Two types of cabinet construction: portable and stationary cabinet version
  • Selectable keyboard scale

The digital harpsichord is great for both home music making and for studio or live use.

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