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Flute Maxtone TFC60S Nickel-plated flute with covered keys, offset G and "C" footjoint...

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Flute Maxtone TFC53S Silver-plated flute with ring keys (French style), inline G and "C" footjoint...

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Maxtone TFC53N/1 Nickel-plated flute with covered keys, offset G, split E-mechanism and "C" footjoint...

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Maxtone TFC-51 / SEO Flute Maxtone is a great choice for a novice musician. Using the many years of experience of European manufacturers and modern technology, ..

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J.Michael FLU-450S Tuning = C Two head joinstraight (Straight & U-shaped) Body = White brass Keys = White brass Offset coverded keys Silver ..
J.Michael FL-420SPO-H (W) Tuning = C Lip plate = Silver plated Body = White brass In-line ring keys (Open hole) Silver plated finish w/ low-B foot joint w/..

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The bamboo flute is a magical instrument that can take a musician into a fairy tale, creating unsurpassed melodies. The flute from the Musician company (Ukraini..

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Yamaha YFL-3712H CY Headjoint Featuring a double flare taper and a unique embouchure hole undercut design for excellent response and a warm rich tone, the..
Yamaha YPC-32 With its easy playability, accurate intonation, and characteristic piccolo sound, the YPC-32 is very popular with students as well as doublers...

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Maxtone TFC51S Silver-plated flute with covered keys, offset G and "C" footjoint. Complete with an additional curved head. ..
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Flute – wind musical instrument in the form of a cylindrical tube with a thin inner air hole. The first mention of the transverse flute was about 3,000 years ago in ancient China, and later on it is mentioned about 2,000 years ago in Japan and India. In Europe, transverse flute has got passed through the Balkans from the very East, the Balkans, but it is still the most common folk instrument. In Europe, mainly used longitudinal flute, but by the end of the XVII century, French craftsmen perfected which fell into their hands transverse flute, increasing it in size. The flute has four varieties: big or soprano flute, small flute or piccolo, alto flute – sounds a fourth lower than soprano, bass flute – sounds an octave below the soprano. All four species have the same flute governance mechanisms and similar proportions, the only difference is in different size and height of sound.


The flute has three main parts:

  • Headjoint
  • Body
  • Footjoint

The headjoint is the top of the instrument where the lip plate and embouchure hole reside. In the tip of this piece is the cork—this needs to be handled with care while cleaning the instrument. The cork seals the flute so that the air goes only through the body of the instrument and not out the wrong end. A damaged cork will lead to an inconsistent, airy sound and must be repaired by an instrumental repair shop. The headjoint may be upgraded to improve the overall tone quality of the instrument as we discuss below. The body is the mid-section of the instrument is where the main mechanisms are that control the majority of the keys are found. The key springs are very finely adjusted and should be handled with great care. Containing several keys, the footjoint is the shortest part of the flute. The standard student foot is a C foot, while you'll find a B foot on most intermediate and professional models.

Body materials

Nickel-silver has a low density, is very resilient and produces a tone that light, clear and responsive. Silver – the most commonly used material in flute making, silver flutes are known for its pure tone and light, fluid sound. Gold – more dense than silver, flutes constructed with gold blends are prized for their warm tone.

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