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Neutrik NTL1 Professional studio transformer 1:1 for PCB mount, fully shielded. Applications: line input. Specs Turns ratio is 1:1 (prim:sec) Impedance ratio ..
Neutrik NTE10/3 Professional audio transformer 1:3:10 with free wires. Applications: general purpose mic input step-up. Specs Turns ratio is 1:3 (1:10) (prim:s..

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Neutrik NTE1 Professional audio transformer 1:1 with free wires. Applications: general purpose, splitting and XLR inline. Specs Turns ratio is 1:1 Impedance ra..
L-Frank Audio HTS-50 Power consumption: 50 W Voltage: 100 V Resistance: 4/8/16 Ohm Switching to 100 V: 50-35-25 W Core size: 57х25 mm ..
L-Frank Audio HTS-30 Power consumption: 30 W Voltage: 100 V Resistance: 4/8/16 Ohm Switching to 100 V: 30-15-7,5 W Core size: 48x20 mm ..
L-Frank Audio HTS-20 Power consumption: 20 W Voltage: 100 V Resistance: 4/8/16 Ohm Switching to 100 V: 20-10-5 W Core size: 41x20 mm ..
L-Frank Audio HTS-10 Power consumption: 10 W Voltage: 100 V Resistance: 4/8/16 Ohm Switching to 100 V: 10-5-2,5 W Core size: 41x14 mm ..
Apart T60 The Apart T60 is an 8 ohms to 100 volt transformer. By using the T60 you can change a standard 8 ohms loudspeaker into a 100 volt loudspeaker. The T60..
Apart T20IP The T20IP is a small built-in 100 volt line transformer, designed to make it possible to convert a standard 8 ohms loudspeaker into a 100 volt line ..
Apart T20 The Apart T20 is an 8 ohms to 100 volt transformer. By using the T20 you can change a standard 8 ohms loudspeaker into a 100 volt loudspeaker. The T20..
Apart CONCEPT1T-KIT The CONCEPT1T-KIT allows you to convert a low impedance CONCEPT1 into a 100V amplifier. The kit contains 2 transformers and fixation screws...
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Transformers for audio equipment

At their most basic level, transformers consist of a primary and secondary winding situated around a magnetic core. Audio transformers are used to transmit sound signals from the primary to secondary winding with high accuracy and minimal distortion. Audio transformers are used to improve overall sound quality by facilitating smooth and efficient transfer of sound energy. Matching impedance and voltage helps to ensure that the sound is transferred from the input source to the output device with a high degree of accuracy and minimal distortion. In order to ensure optimal power transfer, audio transformers adjust the impedance as the current flows from one component within the system to the next by adjusting the rotations of its primary and secondary windings.

Audio transformers perform several functions:

  • Increase or decrease signal voltage
  • Increase or decrease the impedance of circuit
  • Convert the circuit from unbalanced to balanced and from balanced to unbalanced
  • Block DC current in a circuit while allowing the AC current flow
  • Electrical isolation of one sound device from another

When an AC signal is applied to the primary input winding, a corresponding AC signal appears on the output secondary winding due to the inductive coupling of the soft iron core. The turns ratio between the input and output wire coils provides either an increase or a decrease of the applied signal as it passes through the transformer. As well as increase or decrease a signal voltage, transformers also have one very other useful property – isolation. Audio transformers also play an important role in eliminating DC current in order to match the voltage levels necessary for optimal transfer of audio energy. Since most audio amplifiers operate on low AC signals, it is necessary to modify naturally occurring DC waves when transferring sound from amplifiers to speakers or recording equipment. DC blocking by audio transformers allows for optimal sound throughput by removing the DC signals. Audio transformers are designed to modify the signal between various audio components in a sound system to provide the ideal sound balance.

There are two basic types of transformers:

  • Step-up/step-down transformers
  • Isolation transformers

Step-up/step-down transformers – the primary and the secondary coils have a different number of windings, that means they have different impedances. Different impedances cause the signal level changed as it goes through the transformer.
Isolation transformers – each coil has exactly the same number of windings which makes the impedance identical. This transformer doesn’t change the signal level but guarantees the physical electrical insulation between coils.

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