45mm Replacement Crossfader for all Gemini PDM, PMX, KL and PS Series mixers with removeable crossfaders (except PS 676Pro)...

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Replacement crossfader for all consoles Gemini (except PMX-01)...
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Crossfaders and faders

The crossfader is a horizontal switch that is usually located in the lower area of the controller, and it controls the input signal coming from either side of the deck. If the slider is right in the middle, the output from the channels will be equal, but if you move the slider left or right, the sound will be increasingly dominated by the corresponding channel. You just need to move the fader left to right or vice versa and the fading is done. This is why crossfading is so favored by newbies. The transition and balance between the volume of the tracks will be determined by the crossfader curve. This will also be affected by the volume at which the song was recorded.

There are many different crossfader curves and depending on your mixing style some will be more suitable than others. The curve can be changed in your software. The crossfader curve alters how much volume overlap there is depending on where the crossfader is sitting. A crossfader is an essential tool for scratch DJs as it allows them to instantly bring in a track from another deck and take it back out in a split second. With low resistance and a fast cut curve, you can move the crossfader back and forth at lightning speed. This is something you cannot achieve with channel faders. Additionally, as a scratch DJ, you will have one hand busy on the platters or jog wheels so you only have one hand free for transitions. This makes the crossfader the definitive choice for scratch DJs.​ The low resistance in crossfaders also allows for quick cuts from one song to another. This is important for scratch DJs as often there are no long transitions to deal with. This all depends on the genre of music you plan on mixing and the type of mixing you intend on doing.​

When using the crossfader you cannot increase or decrease the volume in different amounts. This is one of the reasons why so many people prefer faders. Using the channel faders is another way to crossfade songs. Channel faders alter the volume of the song. They are generally located above the crossfader. They tend to offer more resistance allowing for more precise adjustments. With channel faders, you can keep your first track at full volume and gradually incorporate your second track. Once you are happy with the volume of the second track you can begin to bring down the volume of the first track. The other benefit to using channel faders is you can mix multiple channels at the same time.​ Your creative options are expanded when you have precise control over the volume of each channel. You will like the increased level of control over crossfader limitations. On the other side, professional scratch DJs use the crossfader more than channel faders so it all comes down to how you plan to mix. To become a skilled DJ it’s important to know the benefits of both. 

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