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Native Instruments Power Supply (40W) Power supply, exchangeable adapter plugs (Euro, US, UK, China, SAA), 1.8 m roundcable. For TRAKTOR KONTROL S5, TRAKTOR KON..
IK Multimedia iRig PowerBridge Never run out of juice. Introducing iRig PowerBridge, a continuous charging systemfor iPhone, iPad and iPod touch while connected..
Mooer Macro Power S12 The MACRO POWER S12 from MOOER is a high output professional pedalboard power supply. Sporting 2 toroidal transformers and 12 completely i..

700 ₴

In Stock
Korg KA350 Power supply - 9 V, 1,7 mA, ring contact "+" on the inside. Main compatible products: KROSS, RK-100S, microKORG XL+, KAOSSILATOR PRO+, KAOSS PAD KP3+..

448 ₴

In Stock
Korg KA189 Power supply - 4,5 V, 600 mA, ring contact. Main compatible products: kaossilator 2S, mini kaoss pad 2S, PXR4/4B...
Roli RISE AC (EU) External power supplies with an input voltage of 100-240 V AC and an output voltage of 9-12 V DC 18 W centre pin positive can be used...
QSC Cinema DPX-1 The QSC Cinema DPX-1 is an external power adapter designed to be used with DataPort accessories when mounted on an external panel with a DPX-4 ..
Behringer PS400 Studio-grade condenser microphones really sound great for capturing vocals, drums and other acoustic instruments, but what if your mixer doesn’t..

448 ₴

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Korg KA189 Power supply - 9 V, 1100 mA, ring contact, "+" on the outside (suitable for most guitar pedals). Main compatible products: microKORG, SDD-3000 PEDAL,..
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Power Supplies

Power supplies for audio equipment

Looking for a power supply for your audio equipment? It is very important to use the correct power adapter. This way, you can be sure that the right amount of energy is delivered safely and does not overload the equipment. Power adapters are designed to provide constant power. They are one of the most important elements for audio devices. A first-class adapter ensures proper power and smooth operation. The power supply converts the AC voltage into a useful DC voltage for audio equipment. The stronger, quieter and more perfect the power supply, the more lively the sound is. As for stable voltage, most power supplies in professional audio equipment have a range of +/- 10 volts before the unit's power supply voltage is no longer regulated. If the voltage becomes too high, the equipment may break down. If the voltage gets too low, you get hum and buzz, which increases the noise level and reduces the dynamic range of the entire equipment. If the voltage gets too low, you get hum and buzz, which increases the noise level and reduces the dynamic range of the entire equipment.

Depending on your power supply, you may encounter a variety of sound problems in your studio. Most often it is humming caused by grounding problems. Dirty power can also cause clicks and pops in your audio recording. To control the quality of energy, you need to start from the source. Take a look at how power is being distributed around your studio. For best results, make sure that all of your audio equipment is on a dedicated circuit. This does not mean that you need to plug all the equipment in your studio into the same outlet – this is dangerous and can be harmful to the equipment. Instead, identify which outlets are tied to which circuits in electrical panel. In some home studios, all of the outlets in your room will be on the same circuit, in which case you have to be very particular about what you plug in while recording. The most important thing is to make sure that there are no devices with motors in the assigned audio circuit. Motors tend to cause spikes and dips in your power regulation, which can lead to inconsistencies in your recordings. It is also important to make sure that any lighting fixtures or appliances are connected to another circuit. Although these types of devices are not always a problem, separating them from your audio equipment makes it easier to isolate your system and speeds up troubleshooting.

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