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The company MUSICIAN.ua offers permanent cooperation and various beneficial options for cooperation. If you are interested in cooperation or have questions, please contact the dealer department to start negotiations.

Wholesale prices are based on bulk purchases

Company "MUSICIAN.ua" specializes in the wholesale supply of musical instruments and equipment to music stores throughout Ukraine through a dealer network. We are optimizing our dealer network and looking for new partners who are interested in cooperation with our company and who want to represent our interests in their city and region.

The company invites you to permanent cooperation and offers favorable conditions for cooperation in various types of cooperation:

  • official dealer of the company;
  • official exclusive representative of the company in the region and / or city;
  • franchising;
  • sales agent;
  • authorized online store.

Benefits when working with a company:

  • favorable trading conditions;
  • exclusive assortment;
  • esired item;
  • anti-dumping control;
  • We offer an exclusive opportunity to have only one representative in the territory of the region, which will be authorized to create a dealer and agent network in its territory. We approach cooperation seriously and responsibly, therefore we provide support for our partner network.

Interested in cooperation, are there any questions you want to discuss? Start negotiations with the dealer department:

Call Us: +38 (050) 411-34-67

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Before inquiring, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the product catalog. We recommend browsing the catalog in "Own Import" mode. Own Import

The company MUSICIAN.ua is the official distributor in Ukraine of the following package of brands:

  • Alfabeto, Italy – classical guitars, acoustic guitars, ukuleles, digital pianos, tongue drums, hangs, metallophones. xylophones, folk instruments and accessories;
  • Artesia, USA – digital pianos;
  • Arturia, France – copper keyboards, copper controllers and rhythm machines, music software, sound base;
  • Belcanto, Netherlands – harmonicas;
  • Bespeco, Italy – manufacturer of accessories for musical instruments: stands and stands, cables and connectors, covers and cases, musical electronics;
  • Boston, Netherlands – covers, racks;
  • Cascha, Germany – harmonicas;
  • Cobra, Italy – strings for musical instruments;
  • CKMOVA, China – microphones, radio systems, headphones, accessories;
  • Clarke, England – whistles and kazoos;
  • D'Andrea, USA – guitar picks, sliders, guitar care products, guitar straps and many accessories for musical instruments;
  • DR Strings, USA – the company is engaged in the production of exclusively strings, thanks to which the products are of the highest quality and unique;
  • EBS, Sweden – top bass amps, cabinets and amps, bass amps, bass and guitar effects pedals, bass guitar strings.
  • Eko Guitars, Italy – electric and bass guitars, pedals and amplifiers;
  • Fernandes, Japan – sustainers, electric guitars, bass guitars, cases;
  • Figure, Ukraine – acoustic, classical guitars, ukulele, tongue drums;
  • FL-Studio (Image-Line), Belgium & ;ndash; world's #1 music creation software.
  • Gadhouse, Thailand – vinyl players and bookshelf speakers;
  • Galli, Italy – strings for musical instruments;
  • Gatt Audio, Netherlands – microphones, dooboxies and accessories;
  • Gaucho, Netherlands – guitar straps, cases;
  • Gemini, USA – DJ equipment, audio equipment, controllers, microphones and radio systems;
  • Generation Music, England – whistles and kazoos;
  • GIG-FX, USA - analog guitar effects pedals for level;
  • Hayman, England – drum kits, marching drums, percussion;
  • Hiwatt, England – guitar and bass boost;
  • Hora, Romania – handmade folk musical instruments, bowed instruments, pan flutes, ethnic instruments;
  • Jimi Hendrix, Germany – strings for guitars;
  • Kangaba, Mali – djembe;
  • Karl Schwarz, Austria – jew's harps, ocarinas, vestles, musical spoons and other musical ethnic instruments.
  • Korala, Netherlands – ukulele;
  • Lag, France – acoustic guitars, electric acoustic guitars, electric guitars and guitar accessories;
  • Leonardo, Netherlands – violins, violas, cellos, double basses, cases and accessories for strings;
  • Lewitt, Austria – microphones and microphone radio systems;
  • Maono, China – microphones, audio studios, accessories;
  • Maximum Acoustics, Ukraine – power amplifiers, loudspeakers, guitar processors and effects pedals;
  • Miditech, Germany – copper keyboards, modules, controllers;
  • Musicality, Ukraine – flexible pianos, complex digital pianos, digital pianos;
  • Orla, Italy – world famous manufacturer of organs, as well as synthesizers, digital pianos and grand pianos;
  • Peace, Taiwan – percussion instruments, drums and drum accessories;
  • Premier, England – drums and drum kits, harvester, marching drums, orchestral percussion instruments;
  • Prodipe, France – microphones, headphones, radio systems, studio monitors and accessories;
  • RC Strings, Spain – strings for musical instruments;
  • Richwood, Denmark – classical and acoustic guitars, acoustic basses, cases, pickup for acoustic guitars;
  • RTX, France – stands, chairs, music stands and other accessories for musical instruments;
  • Salvador Cortez, Spain – classical guitars;
  • Savarez, France – strings for musical instruments;
  • Sela Percussion, Germany – cajons, claves, gongs, other percussion and accessories;
  • SML Paris, France – horns, bugles, cornets, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, tubas, flugelhorns, flutes and other wind instruments;
  • Source Audio, USA – guitar effects and multi-effects pedals, guitar processors;
  • Super Sensitive, USA – rosin and strings for bowed instruments;
  • SR Technology, Italy – acoustic systems, sound equipment kits;
  • Starsticks, Ukraine – drumsticks, peds, covers;
  • Tanga, Indonesia – didgeridoo, djembe and other ethnic instruments;
  • Techra, Italy – carbon drumsticks, picks, guitar equipment and other accessories.
  • The ONE, China – smart synthesizers, compact and full body digital pianos and electronic drums.
  • UFIP, Italy – top class drum cymbals;
  • Yonika, Ukraine – tuners and metronomes;
  • Zalizo, Ukraine – cymbals for drums.