Violins for Children

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Violins for Children

Acoustic violins for children

Learning a musical instrument can take a lot of time, which is why so many people start as children. One of the most popular instruments for a child to learn is the violin, but there are a variety of different violins that may be better suited for your kid and their needs. The right violin can increase the music learning rate of your child, but it’s difficult to know how much money you should invest.

The violin occupies a special place in the vast family of stringed bowed instruments. From the 16th century to the present day, it remains the most popular orchestral instrument. Acoustic violin for children is a kind of portal to the big world of classical music. Choosing the right first instrument has a decisive influence on the future career. The size of the violin matters a lot. When choosing an instrument, one should take into account the degree of preparedness, height, anatomical characteristics of the child.

Basic parameters of violins for children

The main feature of musical instruments for children is their adaptation to the individual characteristics of novice musicians. Children's violins differ from their "adult" counterparts only in size. This section presents ¾ and ½ violins. Small bowed instruments are not inferior to their full-length counterparts in sound quality and sound extraction methods. Acoustic violins are made with specially grown and prepared spruce, maple wood, which explains the pleasing to the ear resonance of the sound. Violins for children have a number of invaluable advantages:

  • Full sound
  • Compact format
  • Elegant chin

A quality first instrument is the best motivator for playing music at an early age!

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