Mouthpieces for Woodwind

Clarinet Mouthpiece Kit Odyssey OMKC. Premium USA made mouthpiece with quality chromed ligature and plastic cap. 0.045 facing. ..
Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM611B T45 Jumbo Java Series. Power and brightness are its principal qualities. Jumbo Java Series Mouthpieces designed with ..
Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM711 AL3 Optimum Series. With its exceptional roundness, the ultimate classical mouthpiece. Optimum mouthpieces are the favo..
Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM511B T45 Java Series. A mouthpiece equally suited for jazz and classical playing. Java ebonite mouthpieces are suited to j..
Yamaha Mouthpiece Patch M Pack of four medium-sized, soft mouthpiece patches suitable for Yamaha clarinets and saxophones. Specs Thickness: 0,5 mm ..

4164 ₴

In Stock
Mouthpiece Yamaha AS4CM Custom Series for Alto Saxophone is made from Ebonite, promotes well-balanced, warm, rich tone of exceptional clarity&nbs..

1299 ₴

In Stock
Yamaha AS4C The Standard Series are made out of high-quality phenol resin (plastic) and feature a design based upon the top grade Custom Series. They are ext..
Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM712 AL4 Optimum Series. A little more open than the AL3, while maintaining the sound aesthetic of the Optimum series Optimu..
Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM419 A28 V5 series. The alto saxophone reference in the V5 series. Rich sound, color, brilliance, and dynamic range. The V5 ..
Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM416 A45 V5 Jazz series. A warm, velvety sound. The V5 series is characterized by a traditional round chamber and suit class..
Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM415 A235 V5 Jazz series. Open mouthpiece, well-adapted to all styles, both jazz and classical. The V5 series is characteriz..
Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM503B A55 Java Series. The standard model in this category. Java ebonite mouthpieces are suited to jazz, soul and funk. Simi..
Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM512B T55 Java Series. A comfortable ebonite mouthpiece with the tip opening of the V16 series T6. Java ebonite mouthpieces..
Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM423 T25 V5 series. Very easy blowing and articulation. It is same conception as the T15 but slightly more open. The V5 ser..
Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM422 T20 V5 series. The best sound quality: compact and centered. The V5 series is characterized by a traditional round cha..
Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece SM804 S8 V16 Ebonite Series. Perfect balance between power and flexibility. Ebonite Mouthpieces of V16 Series are the new jazz stan..
Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece SM802 S6 V16 Ebonite Series. Very comfortable and easy to blow. Ebonite Mouthpieces of V16 Series are the new jazz standard. V16 Se..
Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM502B A45 Java Series. An intermediary tip opening between the V16 series A8 and A9 mouthpieces with the JAVA sound. Java..
Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM414 A27 V5 series. The classic mouthpiece. It produces optimal homogeneity in tone throughout the instrument’s range. The V..
Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM613B T75 Jumbo Java Series. Designed with a small chamber, a very high baffle and a large bore. Produces a tone comparable..
Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM612B T55 Jumbo Java Series. Clear, balanced and rich timbre. Jumbo Java Series Mouthpieces designed with a small chamber, ..
Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM425 T27 V5 series. A comfortable mouthpiece, particularly precise in the upper harmonic register. The V5 series is charact..
Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM424 T35 V5 series. Classic open mouthpiece, highly responsive to every need. The V5 series is characterized by a tradition..
Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren SM404 S27 V5 series. Easy to play with a homogeneity of sound and beautifully rounded. The V5 series is characterized by a t..
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Mouthpieces for Woodwind

Mouthpieces for woodwind instruments

Mouthpiece – performs a number of functions in the overall sound formation on the musical instrument. It synchronizes all oscillatory processes and is an acoustic filter for musical instruments, also with a mouthpiece musician regulates the power of the lips closing. For shortscale musical instruments take the mouthpiece with a narrow foot. There is also a special adapters to the mouthpiece with a narrow stalk can be used on long scale instruments, but everything is better to do without them, initially choosing the right leg length. Some companies produce mouthpieces with specially weighted outer walls of the cup, as if more elongated, and the sound acquires a greater volume and power, which indeed it is often necessary in orchestral playing. Most mouthpieces are available in silvere, but there are also gold-plated, also produced mouthpieces with removable fields of plastic and are fully plastic mouthpieces for those performers who by the nature of its activities are forced to play outdoors in the cold season or just for one or otherwise do not have access to conventional mouthpieces. Available mouthpieces of a transparent material – to practice before a mirror.

On single-reed instruments, such as the clarinet and saxophone, the mouthpiece is that part to which the reed is attached. Its function is to provide an opening through which air enters the instrument and one end of an air chamber to be set into vibration by the interaction between the air stream and the reed. Single-reed mouthpieces are basically wedge shaped, with the reed placed against the surface closest to the player's lower lip. The player's breath causes the reed to vibrate. The reed beats against the mouthpiece, and in turn causes the column of air inside the instrument to vibrate. The top half to three-quarters of the table is open to the inside of the mouthpiece. As with the brass instruments, the shape of the interior of the mouthpiece can greatly affect the sound of the instrument. Mouthpieces with a large, rounded chamber will produce a quite different sound from one with a small or square chamber.

The distance between the tip of the mouthpiece and the tip of the reed is known as the tip opening. The tip opening has little effect on tone, which is more affected by the design of the mouthpiece's chamber (interior space). The facing (or lay) is a curved section that leaves the flat table and continues to the tip of the mouthpiece. The length of a facing – defined as the distance from the tip of the mouthpiece to the point where the reed and mouthpiece meet – can vary. Different facing lengths have different response properties. The reed is held tightly against the mouthpiece by a ligature. Anything that can hold the reed on the mouthpiece may serve as a ligature. 

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